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nesplayer 1 month ago#1
1. Vote by quoting the original suggestion (preferably). If not that, anything that makes it clear.
2. Vote only once; no alt account voting, please.
3. Polls will be around for about 24 hours.
4. Delete your previous post if you change your vote, please.
5. I reserve the right to disallow votes if I feel that voter fraud has taken place. (eg. no calling the Kremlin to alter the vote tally)
6. I may need some help doing these topics.

2020 Reasons
"They learned the hard way to never go against the Pham-ily" - InnerTubeHero
HM: "https://i.redd.it/u9kf5zxalyi51.jpg" - Jedibaracuda

Previous 2021 Reasons
Arizona Diamondbacks - They needed more (Seth) Beer. -sonictailsfan
Baltimore Orioles - Their best player retired, and it made their team better. - synth_real
Texas Rangers - Their front office uses outdated team building techniques similar to Clone using outdated trolling techniques. They need to start cheating like their Houston brethren. - User728
Pittsburgh Pirates - https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=0r5QeMCslKg (click to expand)

Washington Nationals - https://twitter.com/ArVaFan55/status/1419395967971901445?s=20 (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) (click to expand) - Naysaspace
Miami Marlins - Just a complete lack of promising allstars to trade away, so they were stuck with a bunch of scrubs.- Naysaspace
Chicago Cubs - The winner for the Pirates was also the peak of the season for the Cubs. _TrustOurAces_
Minnesota Twins - Knowing that they would just get swept away in the playoffs, they decided not to make the playoffs period -nesplayer
Kansas City Royals - They did not play good baseball - Dark_Koopatrol
Colorado Rockies - If you told Rockies fans back in March that their team will finish less than 5 games behind high-spending Padres, I'm sure most would have gone, "That's not so bad." - Tivor
Los Angeles Angels - The best pitcher on the team was also the best hitter - sonictailsfan
Detroit Tigers - Couldn't cheat using trash cans since everyone just throws their garbage on the streets in Detroit. - TheRock1525
New York Mets - New Owner, Same Mets - DarthVader87
San Diego Padres - Padres spent more time perfecting their "swagg chain" protocol than actually playing good baseball for the whole season. - Tivor
Cleveland Indians - These are all so low effort, yet still higher effort than the Indians gave this season - Naysaspace
Philadelphia Phillies - The infallible strategy of rolling out the exact same team as last year was actually quite fallible -sonictailsfan
Cincinnati Reds - This was just a pretty normal year. They’re a mediocre team and they just didn’t have the talent, as there’s a deep a drive into deep left field by Castellanos and that'll be a home run. And so that'll make it a 4-0 ballgame. I don't know if they’re ever going to be great again. They need a rebuild -Kinckyankeefans
Oakland A's - Their balls shriveled up without Semien - synth_real
Seattle Mariners - Jarred Kelenic Strikes Out Swinging - naysaspace
Toronto Blue Jays - Blue Jays spent most of the year out of their natural habitat - Knickyankeefans
He (Manfred) genuinely enjoys ruining the game for everybody.
Tivor 1 month ago#2
With their September surge and miraculously making the playoffs, Cards thought they were the feel-good story of the season, even if their postseason lasted all of one game. Then they watched a team with a worse regular season record go all the way and win the whole damn thing.
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DarthVader87 1 month ago#3
One could say that they weren’t brave enough to beat the Dodgers.
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El Marsh 1 month ago#4
They came into October like a wrecking ball but all they did was get wrecked in the wildcard.
"I'd thank you if my personality weren't so screwed up"
PiOverlord 1 month ago#5
They started worshipping God instead.
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Jedibaracuda 1 month ago#6
A 17-game winning streak wasn’t enough for them to give a Shildt in the playoffs.
Darkblade41 1 month ago#7
Schildt happens
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nesplayer 1 month ago#8
Darkblade41 posted...
Schildt happens

He (Manfred) genuinely enjoys ruining the game for everybody.
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