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User Info: Flock_Masta_P

4 weeks ago#1
Here is the spreadsheet of draft picks, viewable by both round and by team:

Trade Log:

League Settings
ESPN custom league
H2H Each Category (New opponent each week, each category is scored separately)
Offensive Categories: HR, R, RBI, SBN, OBP
Pitching Categories: QS, K, SVHD, ERA, K/BB
Positions: C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF (x3), UTIL (x3), SP (x2), RP (x2), P (x4), BN (x5), DL (x3) (24 total)
Non-keeper league
6 teams make playoffs (4 division winners, 2 wild cards)

Division Setup
Division 1

Division 2

Division 3

Division 4

Rules for Drafting
Once it reaches your pick, you have a limited time to make your selection, determined as follows:
Rounds 1-16 have a 12 hour pick clock
Rounds 17-20 have a 10 hour pick clock
Rounds 21-24 have an 8 hour pick clock
The clock starts as soon as the previous selection is made, as determined by the GameFAQs clock. If you fail to make your pick within the allotted time, selection moves to the next person in the draft order. You may make up any missed selections at any time, but note that you are unable to select any players taken after your missed selection.
If the draft makes it to you while you still have an outstanding pick, you will only receive half of the normally allotted pick clock. If the draft makes it to you while you still have multiple outstanding picks, your pick is skipped and the draft continues to the next person.

If you attempt to draft a player who has already been taken
If you attempt to draft a player who has previously been selected, no pick will be made. You will then have 1 hour (from the time that it is made aware to you) to make a legal selection. Failure to make a legal selection within this hour will cause the draft to move forward to the next pick. If this happens, you may make up this pick at any time as per the rules for missed selections.

Please refrain from discussing undrafted players.

Draft Order
1. noone22/_Karma_Police_
2. yanksmtm
3. Darkblade41
4. Shawn1607
5. ironfalcon5
6. KTG2
7. KainWind
8. MayhemIgnitor
9. TheGraniteState
10. What_The_Chris
11. SuperSaiyanSonic
12. BudDupree48
13. The_Juice_
14. Flock_Masta_P/ChrisHansen59
15. Aegisfang22
16. Pirate_the_Dart

Note that this draft order reverses itself each round in typical snake draft fashion.

Owners who miss multiple picks in succession risk being removed from the league and replaced. In other words, don't let it happen.

If for some reason you are unable to post your selections on here, contact me at the e-mail from which you received the draft order. I'm not going to post it directly on here due to it containing my full name. If you no longer have that e-mail address, contact me on Discord at the Baseboard server: or by direct message to Flock_Masta_P#9424.

Remember that we are using OBP instead of AVG.
Remember that we are using SVHD instead of SV.
Remember that we are using a third UTIL spot this year.
Remember that we are using SBN, QS, and K/BB this year instead of SB, W, and WHIP.
Draft pick trading is allowed. Number of picks going to each side must be even. All draft pick trades must be clearly agreed to by all involved owners in this topic before they are made official. Pick clocks do not reset when draft picks are traded.
Consult this page for ESPN's positional eligibility requirements:
Cleveland Indians | OSU Buckeyes | Tennessee Titans | Toledo Rockets | Cleveland Cavaliers

User Info: KTG2

4 weeks ago#2
I just realized I hadn't changed my signature since 2013. - Changed 12/3/17
Is Tebow available?

User Info: Flock_Masta_P

4 weeks ago#4
161. noone22/_Karma_Police_ - Matt Barnes, RP, BOS
162. yanksmtm - Luke Voit, 1B, NYY
163. Darkblade41 - Jose Quintana, SP, CHC
164. Shawn1607 - CC Sabathia, SP, NYY
165. ironfalcon5 - Alex Wood, SP, CIN
166. KTG2 - Jesse Winker, OF, CIN
167. KainWind - Marco Gonzales, SP, SEA
168. MayhemIgnitor -
169. TheGraniteState -
170. What_The_Chris -
171. SuperSaiyanSonic -
172. BudDupree48 -
173. The_Juice_ -
174. Flock_Masta_P/ChrisHansen59 -
175. Aegisfang22 -
176. Pirate_the_Dart -


What_The_Chris is on the clock until 5:51:09 AM EST
Cleveland Indians | OSU Buckeyes | Tennessee Titans | Toledo Rockets | Cleveland Cavaliers
Look at all these people before me not picking.

User Info: KainWind

4 weeks ago#6
My pick broke the draft I'm sorry.

User Info: BudDupree48

4 weeks ago#7

User Info: _Karma_Police_

4 weeks ago#8
smh this middle of the draft
"My policy is no stone throwing regardless of housing situation" - Demetri Martin
It picks up right when it gets to me. Don't worry.

I think BudDupree is the fastest picker in this draft. My hat is off to him. I feel like unless it is between. 12 am and 6 am, I can pick with 20 minutes unless I have been slacking and not deciding who I would pick. He picks whithin minutes after I pick.

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