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  3. Anyone heard that the Royals are boycotting a radio station?

User Info: Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow
6 years ago#1
I can't find a link that isn't to a profanity-riddled forum, but it appears many (if not all) of the Royals players have decided that Sports Radio 810, WHB, needs to be boycotted for an incident that happened weeks ago.

The story goes that Jarrod Dyson and Eric Hosmer wanted to go to the 810 Zone (a sports bar) in the Harrah's casino after a game to watch the Floyd Mayweather boxing match. They weren't allowed inside because the building was already at fire safety capacity, and they would need to wait outside with everyone else for a few people to leave before they could enter. Casino security and the afternoon hosts on WHB all seem to be in agreement that both players tried to use their status as Royals to get inside, and when they were denied on fire code grounds and the fact that law enforcement was at the casino, anyway, they became angry and belligerent, ultimately leaving when they were told in no uncertain terms to do so.

The next day, several members of the WHB sports shows, and their superiors, went to speak with the miffed players, and by all accounts, everything seemed to be smoothed over and no big deal, as the impression from the WHB folks was that both players understood the reason for their denial of entry and accepted it, realizing its importance. It wasn't until today that the locker room suddenly decided that a boycott of ALL employees from WHB was what needed to happen, when the "incident" occurred on the evening of May 3rd. One of the afternoon hosts said he spoke to the Vice President of the Royals earlier today, and the VP was caught entirely off-guard by the players' boycott and had thought the entire issue was a minor one that everyone had long ago laughed off.

If even half of this is true, the Royals players are completely out of control. Dayton Moore's regime has already been fielding accusations of coddling and favoritism toward their own drafted players (such as Mike Moustakas and Eric Hosmer) and acquired players (such as Alcides Escobar and Lorenzo Cain), never sending them to the minors to work out their hitting woes or disciplining them in any manner for any clubhouse and off-field transgressions. No such grace has been granted to Alex Gordon or Billy Butler, who were drafted by the previous GM clearly aren't Moore's favored sons. If owner David Glass cared even one iota about his franchise, Moore would be out the door tomorrow and Moustakas would AT LEAST be retooling his swing in Double A, if not outright released. Hosmer and Dyson would be strongly disciplined for their behavior, and there would at least be someone to hold the players accountable for what they do and don't do, even if that doesn't mean firing Ned Yost until the end of the season. Of course, none of that will happen, because as long as Glass can make a profit by putting in as little effort and money as possible, he won't give a rip. If nothing else, Glass truly is Wal-Mart personified.
"Tradition" is the reason for doing something you can no longer think of a reason for doing. -Pearls Before Swine

User Info: Delirious_Beard

6 years ago#2
Dayton Moore and his management are embarrassments. Literally teaches his hitters to not hit for power or walk. And now that players like Hosmer are getting flak for not hitting for power, he's a hilarious hacker at the plate. Seriously, p much all he does is go up there and swing out of his shoes. The other night he was at the plate in a 1 run game with 2 runners on and no one out against a lefty. He didn't get a single pitch in the zone and struck out on ugly, ugly hacks.

Dayton's apparently just as thin-skinned as his players too. He takes no responsibility or criticism, and has installed a media and broadcast team that is so apologetic and kiss-assy that is sickening.

User Info: JamesL_DMD

6 years ago#3
But guys

Dayton Moore almost won Executive of the Year last season

He's a great GM
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User Info: Cj_WlLL_VVlN

6 years ago#4
I actually like that radio stations Facebook page even though I'm from San Francisco because I wanted to read an article about Alex smith.
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User Info: SpyroNinja

6 years ago#5
do those guys realize Royals is just a team name. they're not actual royalty

User Info: capri

6 years ago#6
I thought about this after reading the topic, and I really don't care that the Royals are boycotting in any way.

Players and the media co-exist pretty much exclusively on the concept of "You scratch my back, I scratch yours". While this reaction by the Royals players might be about something that we conceive as petty, they really are the ones with all the power in the relationship. What they give the media is worth way more to the media than what the media gives them. So based on the relationship of gains, the media can be expected to bend over backwards in order to accommodate. And if you can't because of whatever reasons, then they can expect to be held accountable for not fulfilling their duty of accommodating the athletes.

In a perfect world, a fallout doesn't occur over something as stupid as sitting in a restaurant. But the players have to continue to wear the pants in the situation, and they are proving that. Basically, we are talking about who is going to call the shots out of people making millions vs. people making $45,000. I bet the AM station is practically blowing them right now to get back in their good graces. And that's fine, they need that relationship.

User Info: Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow
6 years ago#7
Huh. Apparently, the boycott is off, already. Word is that one of the higher-ups in the Royals organization had a private conversation with Dyson and Hosmer, and they ceased their petulance and pouting immediately. Of course, whatever actually happened is difficult to determine.
"Tradition" is the reason for doing something you can no longer think of a reason for doing. -Pearls Before Swine

User Info: Kochipahk

6 years ago#8
This reminds me a little bit of a comment the Royals owner or GM or someone in the front office said that their 86-76 finish was like "winning the World Series." It really brought out what the ownership's mindset is.
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