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Was 2008 greatest year for sports?

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User Info: BilalPowell

7 months ago#11
Yep. You're also forgetting Tiger Woods and his epic showdown with Rocco. Don't remember a single golf tournament from after that.
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User Info: kb_57

7 months ago#12
Tiger at the '08 US Open may very well be the greatest sporting performance I will have ever seen in my life
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User Info: lovesthejuice

7 months ago#13
ya no

objectively? probably, but wtf
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User Info: jordan629

7 months ago#14
Also, Phillies.
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User Info: bradmarchandfan

7 months ago#15
2016 imo
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User Info: FLOUR

7 months ago#16
From an objective standpoint, I'd go with 1980 or 1991.

Having lived in Northern California, my personal favorites are 1989 through Sept. 1990. I could also get behind the Bad Boy Pistons and UNLV, too.

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User Info: magemaximus

7 months ago#17
Tiger woods and Rocco was great. Damn woods wife man. Ruined a legend.
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User Info: metjets69

7 months ago#18
Kansas-Memphis national championship was 2008 as well. The Chalmers shot/ OT game. Surprised you left that out.
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User Info: bvillebro

7 months ago#19
i can only cover so much, and im glad yall can fill in all the gaps
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User Info: MiniMadden1991

7 months ago#20
I'm a bit of a dork, and for the longest time, I've rated every major sporting event of the year (at least, the ones I consider important), and then I add up the score at the end of the year to see how "good" of a year it was.

Totally subjective, so obviously others may see my ratings and think I'm an idiot.

For the record, 2008 is my highest rated year. I've included what I had for this year, last year, and '08 to this point. Again, these are just my ratings for how intriguing and competitive the events were.

Also, please PLEASE excuse my quirky editorials for each one XD. Like I said, I'm a dork.


NCAA Football: Clemson > Alabama on last-second pass to Renfrow, 10/10
Australian Open: Federer > Nadal in an epic showdown, 10/10
Super Bowl: New England > Atlanta with the most unreal comeback in history, 10/10
Daytona 500: Kurt Busch wins with new, bizarre rules, 6/10
March Madness: UNC > Gonzaga so redemption for UNC but too many calls 5/10
The Masters: Sergio finally gets his first major in a playoff at Augusta 8/10
Indy 500: Takuma Sato from Japan gets his first 500 win, 6/10
French Open: Nadal > Wawrinka in a dominant 3 sets, only redeeming quality was it being Nadal’s 10th in France, 5/10
Stanley Cup: Penguins > Predators in 6 games, but only 2 were close. Back-to-back for Pittsburg, 6/10
NBA Finals: Warriors > Cavs in the trilogy of the series, won 4-1, and most games were not close, 6/10
US Open: Koepka ties scoring record, wins his first major fairly easy, 5/10
Wimbledon: Federer > Cilic in 3 fairly easy sets to get to 8 at Wimbledon, 19 overall, 6/10


NCAA Football: Alabama > Clemson in a close one they took near the end, 9/10
Australian Open: Djokovic > Murray in straight sets 5/10
Super Bowl: Denver > Carolina in a forgetful game 5/10
Daytona 500: Hamlin makes amazing move on final turn to take the checkered flag, 8/10
March Madness: Villanova > UNC: Epic back and forth game, Kris Jenkins sinks final 3, 10/10
The Masters: Huge collapse by Spieth, Willett wins out of nowhere, 7/10
Indy 500: Alexander Rossi gambles on fuel, wins race as a rookie, runs out of fuel, 8/10
French Open: Djokovic won his 1st French in a fairly easy final, 6/10
Stanley Cup: Penguins > Sharks in 6 games, most of them very close, 2 OT’s, 8/10
NBA Finals: Cavs rally from down 3-1 to win over 73-win Warriors, 8/10
US Open: Dustin Johnson got his first major win on an oft-delayed tourny, 6/10
Wimbledon: Murray > Raonic, all 3 sets close, but Murray the favorite wins as expected, 6/10
British Open: Stenson wins with record -20, amazing final round duel with Mickelson, 8/10


NCAA Football: LSU > Ohio State after a big second quarter, 6/10
Australian Open: Djokovic > Tsonga in close 4-setter, 7/10
Super Bowl: New York > New England to end the perfect season, 10/10
Daytona 500: Ryan Newman wins only race of year, 7/10
March Madness: Kansas > Memphis after last second shot from Chalmers, 10/10
The Masters: Immelmann won first major and was too much for Tiger, 7/10
Indy 500: Couple good wrecks, Scott Dixon had pole, led last 24 laps or so, 6/10
French Open: Nadal > Federer in a bad 3 sets, 5/10
Stanley Cup: Detroit > Pittsburgh, first few games not close, but it improved, 7/10
NBA Finals: Boston > Los Angeles in a classic rematch that the big 3 took over, 8/10
US Open: Tiger > Rocco in an insane finale, 10/10
Wimbledon: Nadal > Federer in greatest match ever, 10/10
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