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User Info: kb_57

5 years ago#401
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User Info: Numba1linesmen

5 years ago#402
so we all agree the NBA and court of public opinion are inconsistent in their decisions?


User Info: Raider1015

5 years ago#403
BelgarathGFRPG posted...
I really have to know Raider, why shouldn't the general public be outraged over this? You prefer the masses to continue to be blind sheep lapping up whatever table scraps get thrown their way by racists and bigots? Oh silly racist owner, call me a ****** and take my damn money!

You keep taking leaps like that and you'll win Gold in the long jump. You're off in outer space with your logic.
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User Info: Raider1015

5 years ago#404
Do you really not see how those comments are very, very bad for the league? You speak of overreaction, but perhaps it's a sign of desensitization that you would approach those comments as okay. Do you see how Sterling romanticizing his contribution to players ("I give them clothes, food, shelter") is demeaning and may be construed as a high form of indentured servitude? I'm guessing that if you received a paycheck from someone whose comments broke publicly like this then you might be the slightest bit upset and perhaps not as interested in working for said person.

I really don't think you understand what I've been saying consistently this whole time. It's very simple:

1. Sterling is a dick, but it's reasonable to be concerned over the precedent this sets. Mob rule is chaos. I personally wouldn't vote him out if I were an owner and the vote were private. I wouldn't want my league making massive unilateral decisions on the basis of public knee-jerk opinion because knee-jerk public reaction is often insane. In other words, I agree with Mark Cuban. Neither of us is racist. Neither of us want Sterling in the NBA in general. Pretty reasonable thought.

2. People like Doc Rivers who had a choice of where to work and chose to work for Sterling while fully aware of his history have no right to cry woe is me. Again, very reasonable.

3. Billions of people have made vaguely racist comments in private. If this were the reaction every single time, dot dot dot. America overreacted to Sterling. THIS DOESN'T MEAN THAT IT'S WRONG TO BE AWARE OF WHAT HAPPENED, OR TO DISLIKE THAT IT HAPPENED. You guys are really struggling with this concept. Not ALL reactions are overreactions.

Here's what I'm not saying: Sterling's comments are okay (dude, WTF)

And comparing being an NBA player to being an indentured servant? Lots of employers feel that way about their employees, regardless of their race. The fact of the matter is that employers owe their employees, not the other way around. Indentured servants owe their employers, and are legally their property until that debt is repaid. It simply is not a form of indentured servitude at all, high or otherwise.
A look at the value of depth in the NFL:

User Info: aocho

5 years ago#405
why is this topic still active
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User Info: niceguykevie

5 years ago#406
white people gotta fight to prove that they are one of the good ones?
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User Info: radiohead rocks

radiohead rocks
5 years ago#407
This topic will never die because Raider thinks I don't understand what he's saying and I think he's not getting what I'm saying.

I'm not saying you need to be outraged about Donald Sterling's comments, nor that there aren't some misguided overreactions to this, nor that NBA players are indentured servants (again, missing my point).

What I am saying is that Sterling's comments forced Silver's hand more than some overreaction by social justice apologists. You can't say that you make the game and clothe and feed and shelter players right after you've ordered your girlfriend not to bring blacks to games. That is not acceptable conversation to be released to the public (privacy argument aside) and certainly not conversation that would make an employee delighted to work for said owner. What's reasonable is for the NBA and players and coaches alike to voice their concerns about the consequences of those comments. And if you think they shouldn't be allowed to because of some misguided notion that you didn't complain before so you better not now that it's happening to you, then I have to break the news to you: not everyone arrives at the same conclusion at the same time in the same manner. For the most part, it takes something happening to us personally in order to take notice in the first place.
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User Info: Raider1015

5 years ago#408
That's just not true, and I'm surprised you feel that way . If no one cared about Sterling, you really think Silver would throw the league into a years long law suit with no end in sight? Why would Silver do that? He's not an idiot. He's not getting paid by the hour. What are you basing this opinion on, other than emotional outrage?
A look at the value of depth in the NFL:

User Info: NHL33

5 years ago#409
What a train wreck.
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User Info: SportsBlogDotCo

5 years ago#410
The NBA should just kick the Clippers out of the league.
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