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Ravens vs Niners in the Superbowl

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User Info: nme_returns

5 years ago#11
Joe__Tobin posted...
I wasn't saying anything about the Niners this year, I was simply reminding nme of how he and the rest of his fanbase embarrassed themselves after we embarrassed their offense on Thanksgiving.

Nobody was supposed to think the Niners offense was any good last season. How many years consecutive now does this make that Flacco is supposedly going to light it up?

...and history shows that teams flying across the country on short rest don't do well. That's kind of a fact, yknow.
#20 Notre Dame: 2-0 W 20-17 vs Purdue (Next @MSU)
49ers: 1-0 W 30-22 @ Packers (Next vs Detroit)

User Info: nme_returns

5 years ago#12
Not that it matters now, Jag's the only one foolish enough to think that game means anything in 2012.
#20 Notre Dame: 2-0 W 20-17 vs Purdue (Next @MSU)
49ers: 1-0 W 30-22 @ Packers (Next vs Detroit)

User Info: Clipper

5 years ago#13
Every year we enter the season with oodles of people saying the Ravens are gonna win it all. Every year they fall short of the Super Bowl game. I don't really understand why this year should be any different.
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User Info: Seneca_Wallace_

5 years ago#14
This would be awesome because the Ravens would smash them and I could enjoy the tears of the douchebag 49er fans I know in real life
<---- is a Seahawks fan. Not a Browns fan. Just so there's no confusion.

User Info: ZeroXcuses

5 years ago#15
Joe__Tobin posted...
nme_returns posted...
Niners would win. Sry.


Actually, yes. That's what 2 days of practice will get you on a red-eye flight game. Whichever team had to travel was 100% going to lose. Great idea by the NFL to have a "Harbaugh bowl" but poor execution.
Jesus saves.

User Info: Dan_Haren

5 years ago#16
I live in the bay, so I watch every niner game. Manningham and Moss do alot for the offense. Manningham gives Alex Smith a good speedy target when he's in trouble. Moss is just moss, he doesn't have to do much, but just his presence makes defenses alittle more cautious. DBs always play it safe with him, afraid of giving up the big play, so he gets wide open short range passes. Brandon Jacobs hasn't even played yet either.

Furthermore, its an additional year under the same coaches for Smith, Crabtree, and the rest of the gang. One of smith's biggest problems throughout has been through so many coaches, offensive coordinators, different systems, wide receivers. The team finally has some stability...and suddenly Smith's game has improved greatly.

They have a great defense already. I think its a well balanced team. I'm not saying they are clearly better than Green Bay or Atlanta, or any other of the top teams in the NFC. But they've proven that they CAN beat those top teams, and I just think they have that extra motivation and confidence this year, more than any other team, to get it done.

The ravens...its another year of Flacco and Rice. Flacco is an up and coming quarterback...the more experience he has the better he gets. They lost last year because of a missed easy field goal. You really can't blame anyone but the kicker. They're a team thats had a fire under them for years. But this is the year the team is finally balanced on both sides of the ball.

But at the end of the day, the Ravens have more of the big game experience, especially with Ray Lewis as their leader. I think they will beat the niners.
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