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  3. love of kill episode 2 *spoilers*
baiken2 3 months ago#1
I Would like this show more if girl didn't look constipated all the time
Meganium7 3 months ago#2
I would like this show more if it had any sense of unity

really continued the problem of the first episode where everything feels disjointed and like it doesn't fit together. things are just happening and nothing feels like it has any impact.

I dunno if this is an issue with the directing or what, it just feels so sloppy
baiken2 3 months ago#3
Only 1 post? This board really hates this show lol. No suprise
reptyle101 3 months ago#4
I like it so far

I find it kind of interesting having a guy who's a total creeper in the typical teen girls romance way but where the girl actually realises how creepy he is and hates him

I'm wondering how she'll come around over time

Chase the morning
Yield for nothing
baiken2 3 months ago#5
I swear I was watching trailers for this show like 6 months ago and Chateau looked a lot more feminine
Ararararararagi 3 months ago#6
This was really bad. Not only was it filled with recap and slow panning camera angles that absolutely ruined the pacing to the point where I could skim the episode and finish a 23 minute episode in 5 -- because of the panning shots trying to build atmosphere but were really just stalling for time -- but it also had the MC become the typical shoujo girl. We're led to believe she's at least a half decent-good assassin in the 1st episode, and then here she's suddenly really dumb and gets in trouble just so moe dude could save her? I know it's a shoujo, but they didn't even try to hide the blatant self-inserting this episode.

It was alright in the first episode, but this episode was horrid and definitely drop tier. It doesn't want to tell a compelling action-mystery story, it just wants to have the allusion of being one whilst having the MC act like every other generic shoujo girl when it's convenient for the plot.
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  3. love of kill episode 2 *spoilers*
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