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ArekuKitten 4 months ago#1
Mc wants to play the mc but pulls off a better antagonist voice.
Bako Ikporamee 4 months ago#2
l dropped it this ep. just too many characters and the show is pretty boring. don't really care to hear the same line repeated 5 different ways
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Meganium7 4 months ago#3
friday is pretty loaded so I'm trying to decide another drop and can't choose between this or girls frontline
ArekuKitten 4 months ago#4
This isn't great but despite the gacha-sized cast who I haven't even begun to "know" yet and the inherent repetition it's not bad (though those are major reasons to dislike it), Frontline was simply terrible, seems like an easy choice.
reptyle101 4 months ago#5
still disappointed this isn't a snooker girls anime
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Snakebone99 4 months ago#6
I don't hate this show. This season isn't too good, so this is stil a keeper. Cast isn't as big as Bleach. Watched that recently for the first time, still don't know who is who.
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Kalirion 4 months ago#7
An old work like Hamlet is one thing, it can be re-imagined up the wazoo, source manga fans will be out for blood if an anime changes a character the way that primary MC changed Hamlet in her reading.

MC couldn't have had more than a couple hours to prepare, so how did she have time to get to know that many characters?

Anyway, auditions were interesting enough to keep watching for now.

Snakebone99 posted...
Cast isn't as big as Bleach.
Bleach cast didn't start out big.
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redweegee 4 months ago#8
Hey, at least we get lines like these
SockoressKnight 4 months ago#9
Hope we get more interactions between the girls. Episode ended just as the "main" 4 met up at the cafe.
Turbo_TRex 4 months ago#10
Hmm, I'm still not sure about this one. I like the MC, but there are just so many characters.
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