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VeesMcGees 4 months ago#41
Is each episode going to focus on a different girl or group of girls? This was watchable, but not compelling to continue. I could relax watching this after work, but if I fall behind it's not something I'd feel compelled to catch up with.

Shakespeare is weird in that it's easy to read, but the puns or context of words then aren't clear to clear to modern readers. Basically, you miss the dirty jokes. I think Hamlet was pretending to be insane in that scene, so a lot of Hamlet's dialogue was focused on the subtext that might not be as clear. The little bit of Chaucer I had was fine when I realized the trick to Middle English is reading it out loud. I still had to use the side notes to contextualize a bunch of references and understandings that had been eroded by time.
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Ararararararagi 3 months ago#42
The beginning part went on for far too long and there's a little too many girls. I was expecting it to be like White Bako or I'm a Voice Actor, but instead we got
MasterTurtle posted...
This feels very idolmaster-y complete with having too many characters (with a stand-in for Ranko even) but ultimately kind of bland, watching the characters read lines isn't very interesting even after dressing them up in Hamlet outfits. Maybe I'll give it another episode if I'm bored.
exactly this. It's just IMAS but with voice acting instead and the girls are even similar. IMAS at least has metric f*** tons of smut for me to sit through it despite how boring it is, but this not so much. I don't remember any of their names, but green was the cutest. It had me dozing off but I'll give it another episode.

Kalirion posted...
I believe I have a passing knowledge of English, but I can't for the life of me parse "for virtue cannot so inoculate our old stock but we shall relish of it."
From context it's probably "our experiences meant nothing; I never loved you." As Hamlet is trying to push Ophelia away to protect her by then sending her away to a "nunnery" where she'll be safe and can retain her chastity, but the tongue-in-cheek humor is that nunnery is also a whore house or w/e.

Not 100% though. The last time I practiced Old English was a decade ago when I was14-15 and even then we only read Romeo and Juliet in class so I dunno.

According to Google, I wasn't too far off. He's protecting her from other men, but the premise of the entire scene is that he's lying to himself because he does, in fact, love her. Every post I found on it read similarly in that "it's the greatest scene in all of literature and needs to be properly discussed to fully understand it" but it seems pretty basic to me. If anything, those posts read as Redditors thinking they're v. clever when they finally understand something simple in Stories.
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