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xCrimzonCloverx 1 month ago#1
Meiya has a twin sister?
Sirius Reinhart 1 month ago#2
I mean, all this "Meiya-sama" treatment from the Royal Guard in previous episodes made it clear she was related to the Shogun. Whether she was her sister or another relative was the only question.
Gotta admit, even if the story is not making much sense due to the breakneck pace, I'm really enjoying the real robot action. No ancient alien technology like Ancient Girl's Frame, no emotional power ups on SD mechs like Garandoll, no silly cockpit digimon like AMAIM, no super robots like Megaton Musashi, no underground shenanigans like Sakugan; just pure, unaltered real robot action with a side of political intrigue. Well, mainly, the BETA still exist, but they have barely been shown at all so far.
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cador 1 month ago#3
Sirius Reinhart posted...
no super robots like Megaton Musashi
is this any good? I don't see any topics for this one.
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Sirius Reinhart 1 month ago#4
I personally think it's good, but since it has no official subs, there's barely any discussion. The fansubs started about 3 weeks after it aired, but are up to date, usually 2 days after the episode airs.
Mit der Dummheit kaempfen Goetter selbst vergebens.
PdzJoe 1 month ago#5
That was such an american response lol, switch to english but it sounded like they understood the "go eat crap part".

Takeru and shogun had 99% of the lines this ep.
Nandeyanen 1 month ago#6
I enjoyed this ep.

xCrimzonCloverx posted...
Meiya has a twin sister?

Most VN readers probably forgot about her by the time they read Alternative. She was very briefly mentioned in Extra when Meiya talked about her background.

Yuuhi wasnt mentioned in Unlimited iirc but there were hints of Meiya being related to the shogunate ( we didnt even know the specifics of the organization).

The next time she was mentioned by name is during this event (iirc). Her existence has been heavily hinted throughout Alternative to the point that people could probably piece together Meiyas situtation ( we just didnt know how deep).

Sirius Reinhart posted...
the BETA still exist, but they have barely been shown at all so far.

The BETA barely appeared in the VN. They only made an appearance 2/3rds into Aternative.
I remember my friend telling me to not expect any BETAs and that when I see the first one, I would be near the end.
Enclosure 1 month ago#7
I like Yuuhi's fuzzy white sweater top.

IIRC Yuuhi rode on Takeru's lap in the VN. Which made more sense given space limitations. His cockpit is msasive in this anime what with a entire spare seat and even plenty of space in between them.

Considering the whole motion sickness bit was the reason why they couldnt go faster and easily avoid pursuit, you'd think they'd actually show some jarring or something. There wasn't even clanging sound effects for jump landings. Heck, it basically just showed them flying the entire time.
taosapao 1 month ago#8
Better episode this time and it is funny to see rebel get curbstomp by murica mecha lol.
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Nandeyanen 1 month ago#9
Enclosure posted...
IIRC Yuuhi rode on Takeru's lap in the VN.

Yeah, the anime made the cockpit way too big, theres no need for that much space for a weapon whos purpose is built for combat.

The anime also got rid of a lot of the sexualization but I guess they had to if they wanted it to be aired on TV, the one that sticks out to me is the fortified suits, in the VN they were described as basically transparent ( at first you think its for fan service but during Alternative they explained why they were designed the way it was).

taosapao posted...
Better episode this time and it is funny to see rebel get curbstomp by murica mecha lol.

When it comes to the tech the US is far more advanced, the majority of the Japanese TSF's are outdated in comparison ( theres only a very small handful of Japan TSF that is on the cutting edge).

That said technology is only one part of the equasion, piloting skill and intuition is another and the Japanese have the Americans beat in that department as Japan is on the frontline of the BETA invasion where as US is still relatively safe and their pilots are pushing the old model TSF for all they have.
Davzz 1 month ago#10
Even in the original R18 VN version of Alternative, the Fort Suits became less transparent after everyone graduated and the story started getting serious, the super transparent original ones were only supposed to be a trainee thing.
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