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Necronmon 1 month ago#1
Was mostly known but now we are getting a trailer and more December 18th it seems. https://comicbook.com/anime/news/bleach-anime-trailer-poster-release-new-arc/

Time for that Number one hype.
_Xymemaru_V 1 month ago#2
Team Rocket Elite 1 month ago#3
My bracket looked like random picks compared to his.
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Hyohaku 1 month ago#4
Team Rocket Elite posted...
Gotta say, your staunch refusal to read the manga finally paid off.

Although, you didn’t know it would pay off.
Norse Mage121 1 month ago#5
it was always a win-win. if the anime never came out, he would have never had to read through tons of schlock to get to the non-ending

here's hoping this is condensed to like 26 episodes of killer animation and poses
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Deadinsideman 1 month ago#6
If those leaked frames of Ichigo using getsuga tensho are anything to go by, it's gonna look as terrible as blacked clover does.
Sum_quod_eris 1 month ago#7
The final arc is basically a Jojo season with all the unique abilities everywhere. So I hope they made some amazing music to go along with that vibe.
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Necronmon 1 month ago#8
I think a full year could be done without it being to rushed or to dragged out. To be honest I kind of hope they add to the finale since it was a rushed mess since Kubo was blitzing through cause of his health...would not mind if Can't Fear Your own world got adapted to.

Hell...would be nice if they made it so Ichigo does more then get owned for the entire final arc.
Sharebear420 1 month ago#9
Any news if the original staff will be involved?
That my boy sounds like slander
adonfraz 1 month ago#10
Cool this will be pretty fresh for me.

Its been so long since I read Bleach I forgot most of it.
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