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Oblivion_Hero 1 month ago#1
Chapter Title: A Desire for All

Wonder if Ryusei will talk to anyone first before going through with this. But in any case, respect
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reptyle101 1 month ago#3
I had expected it to rush to the moon very quick but it seems like there's at least a little bit more to go first, that's good

still have zero clue how much time is passing though
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Zangetsu333 1 month ago#4
Finally the addressed the elephant in the room. Considering all of their options instead of just giving the spot to Ryusui by default is what they should be doing.

It should mostly be fine at this point. Stanley was mostly just working for Xeno and if Xeno is done fighting to build his own dictatorship, then Stanley should also be fine.

JLazarillo posted...
I hope he does and someone points out to him that leaving his friends at the mercy of a sociopath rather than trying to improve himself isn't an act of humility.
It's for the sake of the mission. They only get one shot at it and knowing when you're outclassed and yielding the spot to someone more qualified is the right thing to do. Even if they somehow manage to rebuild another set of rockets and find people equally as qualified as the first crew, they only have one working Medusa.

It's a nice spot of character development for Ryusui who has mostly been uncontested for the role at this point and he might have to learn curb his desires for the greater good.
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0Renegade 1 month ago#6
kohaku is also decent at detecting threats if stanley does betray them in space, if stanley crashes the ship they all die anyway.
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User_94 1 month ago#7
0Renegade posted...
kohaku is also decent at detecting threats if stanley does betray them in space, if stanley crashes the ship they all die anyway.
He doesn't have a reason to betray them anyway since Xeno is on their side now. I'm pleasantly surprised to see him back though.
BassForever 1 month ago#8
The only concern would be in Stanley allies with Why Man when they get to the moon.
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