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Hyohaku 1 month ago#1
Out now officially.
JLazarillo 1 month ago#2
Man, they use the same plot point from early in Neuro and Maruo doesn't jump in to acknowledge it?
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Flaming_Fire619 1 month ago#3
I can appreciate some of the humor here. The Tanuki reveal was honestly good and got a chuckle out of me.

But they need to stop being like "Look it's just like your manga you love!" Like...we get it. You're playing on the tropes and expectations of Shonen manga with regards to your protagonist. Yes it would be really weird if all the stuff we see in manga was "real". You don't have to hammer it in every chapter. It'd probably be funnier if the results kept on failing to be like the manga and the dude just gets more and more disappointed in it.
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reptyle101 1 month ago#4
so that sex worker was a Tanuki's hairy ballsack? wow

this was an improvement on ch 2, but I agree that the main character needs a bit of fixing
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User_94 1 month ago#5
The MC's jokes are already wearing thin for me. Oh well, the setting is still pretty fun. MC did mention he only had old Jump issues so I won't mind seeing more direct references from those issues he picked up. Might as well go all the way and throw in a Saint Seiya joke or something.
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