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0Renegade 2 months ago#1
Didnt see a topic up so here we are.

Astronaut training, senku was the only choice for a science operator but had to build up his stamina for a space trip, kohaku was chosen due to being lighter weight and a good enough fighter compared to hyoga and tsukasa, and Ryusui seems to be the only form of pilot they can trust and is capable.
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reptyle101 2 months ago#2
I wonder if they'll show any more training/final prep, or if next chapter will be the launch itself

my guess is next week will maybe finish on the launch, with the chapter after being them going through space and landing on the moon at the end
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User_94 2 months ago#3
Kohaku over Tsukasa surprised me but it made sense with her being lighter. The author has been speed running these past few chps so I'm expecting them to land on the moon in 2 chps as well.

reptyle101 2 months ago#4
unless the twist to the moon is huge, I wouldn't be surprised if it actually ends next round with the pacing it's had, going something like

2 chapters to get to the moon
6-8 chapters final confrontation (could just be some machines to figure out on the moon + a quick flashback)
2 chapters getting back and initial wrap up

and an epilogue/proper wrap up in Jump Giga later this year
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Zangetsu333 2 months ago#5
Senku being the scientist was obvious since main character. Ryusui wins by default since they didn't revive Stanley. Kohaku was unexpected but it does make enough sense. Tsukasa's gorilla strength is probably less useful on the moon with its lower gravity and combat in space shouldn't rely too heavily on melee.

I can't really see how they can drag out a battle on the moon with only three people with completely different skill sets in a non-battle manga. 10 to 12 chapters before all this ends at this pace seems very much possible.
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