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sadib100 2 months ago#1
Looks like this arc is more than two episodes long.
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Zack_Attackv1 2 months ago#2
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xCrimzonCloverx 2 months ago#3
Who does Moroha think she is? MacGyver?
Sirius Reinhart 2 months ago#4
This episode felt all over the place with three separate plots going on
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Malevolent_Moon 2 months ago#5
I kinda like that the group is separated but man the pacing is an issue.

But it is nice to get some individual character focus for a change.
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Ccroybb 2 months ago#6
Not a huge fan of this disjointed format. I’d prefer it if they dedicated a whole episode to one of the 3 plots going on and switching between them every episode. Hopefully there’s some kind of payoff that connects the plot threads together.
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Starks 2 months ago#7
I think it's an improvement. Plot keeps moving forward even during what we thought would be monster of the week.

But lol at the ep title being about the minute or so of Nanahoshi.

Alternate preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Mhg3XIvmkg
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