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SockoressKnight 2 months ago#1
A new character pays a fortuitous visit that helps Hime, Touko, and Grandfather realize some things.

Meanwhile, we get hair-down Kukuri looking longingly at a picture of her and Touko as she realizes she's getting cucked. Nao is still in the dark as she drools over pictures of Hime.
Lost7th 2 months ago#2
What a nice episode. I'm actually really glad they didn't leave the granpa thing as was last episode and followed through a bit more. Have them actually bond again. They also didn't beat us over the head with explanations and just gave them a nice quiet moment of looking at the leaves. Nice nice episode.
SilentCaay 2 months ago#3
Wow, Deus Ex Actor serendipitously patching things up between Touko and grandpa was pretty ham-fisted but it was funny so I'll let it slide.

Live-action: Caay-chan is a Gifu specialty.
Me: I am?

Finally, some appreciation.

Also, last week's live-action was gold:

Takagi-san VR [Index] - The Second Semester (Part 3) - https://youtu.be/rrcrrNd1TU0
After the Fall [Index] - Relay Tower (Final) - https://youtu.be/l5Fn-o0sqHw
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