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Rayman2943 1 month ago#41

HCE posted...
Get your 69th cuck juice booster shots, piggies.
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Starks 1 month ago#42
I'm asthmatic. COVID would kill me. Protecting yourself is not a joke.

Get vaccinated. Get your boosters.
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HCE 1 month ago#43
No thanks.
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Rayman2943 1 month ago#44
HCE posted...
No thanks.
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Bottlecap76 1 month ago#45
I went to anime nyc on the friday it was ongoing. Terrible time tbh. 4 hour wait to get in, in the freezing cold. By the time I got in I was so exhausted from waiting on the line, so I only stayed a few hours before I had to leave. Luckily got a refund though from emailing them. They really didn't have much to do there tbh. It's like NYCC but on a much smaller scale, and I almost feel like NYCC has more anime than animeNYC had. Probably bc its bigger but still

Regarding the variant being present there, It's been about a few weeks so I think I'm ok. being asymptomatic is a possibility so I could consider getting tested but idk yet. It's been 2 weeks so I think most people would know if they caught covid or not at this point.
Blammo3825 1 month ago#46
I've been fully vaccinated and feel fine, got tested just in case since I'm around elderly and wouldn't want to "bring" anything to them, results are negative

NYCC had a way smaller crowd, not to mention people were still on guard and more hesitant back then, by the time animeNYC came around then you got restrictions fed up people bumrushing javits.

friday was just a s*** storm since the planners had no idea how to organize the attendees and admissions, but by sat and sun it all got sorted out so no more +3 hr wait on line, but the main problem is despite all the "measures" put in place; screening was stupid lax, not to mention crowd size felt the same as it did 2 yrs ago
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