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User_94 2 months ago#21
chaochaoman posted...
Despite how cool this fight was, it really felt super forced. Like, there was no build-up to it. It just happened suddenly with a new character who was created on the spot for this one specific fight just to die. This would have been much better if Star had actually been a character before this fight.
I have no investment in MHA's plot or characters so this fight was the best I've seen in the series. Art looked very clean with multiple nice looking spreads to show off the grand scale. Star's power was used decently enough with the limitation of her having to touch something. Having the jet fighters as support was a nice touch.

I checked the thread on Reddit and I'm just laughing my ass off at the comments. Some of them are valid like her not having much build up prior or just made to nerf Shiggy. All the butthurt about how Hori made another strong whamen only to kill her off is hilarious tho. Then you have multiple people in the JJK thread throwing shade that Gege has HxH level writing and comparing the new character with MHA.

Wait...why am I even defending MHA. Your fanbase is cancer.
FortePlus 2 months ago#22
Fandom in general is a bad joke where the punchline is you for willingly participating in it.

As for complaints about how ""sudden"" Star's appearance is, none of them are valid.
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MajesticFerret 2 months ago#23
User_94 posted...
I have no investment in MHA's plot or characters

MHA is truly below average at writing characters.

There is all of a handful of characters in this series I have any investment in. Deku, All Might, Eraser...and that's pretty much it. I zero s***s about any of Deku's classmates and openly dislike more than half of them. I barely gave a s*** about Shiggy and he went from a jobber to an unstoppable threat far too abruptly.

So yeah, I already like Star more than pretty much the entire cast anyways, even with as little development as she got.

In fact, she's prob my favorite MHA character. There's really not a whole lot of competition outside of All Might himself, who's also pretty similar in character type.
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Sum_quod_eris 2 months ago#24
Imagine not caring about Johnny. smfh
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DarkChozoGhost 2 months ago#25
Soooo, is her quirk gone?
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RikashiX 2 months ago#26
DarkChozoGhost posted...
Soooo, is her quirk gone?
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I_Am_Eat_Meat 2 months ago#27
I don't think I say this too terribly often but I have no idea what happened to All-For-Shigaraki in this chapter.
Thenenen 2 months ago#28
RikashiX posted...
Unless AFO found a BS way to preserve it for his own use once Shiggy turns good.
Crossed fingers, crossed hemispheres.
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