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User_94 2 months ago#1
Who's content have you watched the most? - Results (54 votes)
Elira Pendora
24.07% (13 votes)
Finana Ryugu
20.37% (11 votes)
Selen Tatsuki
31.48% (17 votes)
Pomu Rainpuff
11.11% (6 votes)
Petra Gurin
0% (0 votes)
Rosemi Lovelock
9.26% (5 votes)
Nina Kosaka
1.85% (1 vote)
Millie Parfait
1.85% (1 vote)
Enna Alouette
0% (0 votes)
Reimu Endou
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.

Their website is pretty neat. You can arrange the list based on subcount. For me, I've seen a lot of Finana and Nina clips entirely from Youtube recs.

Mahorosan 2 months ago#2
Oh their website looks nice! I watched Elira, Pomu and Finana early on when they debuted, but haven't been able to keep up with their streams. I do watch a lot of Selen's stuff though ever since I caught her Mega Man stream.
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Hop103 2 months ago#3
Obsydia Mario Kart was hilarious last night, it's nice to see a battle mode stream for once, it also had the usual scuffness as Petra accidentally turned on teams.

Lazulight's turn is tonight.
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pokedude900 2 months ago#4
Haven't seen much of most of them, but I'm dangerously close to subscribing to Finana after seeing her clips and catching a stream or two. Only reason I haven't done it is wanting to limit how may Vtubers I follow since I only have so much free time.
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User_94 2 months ago#5

I can't get enough of Pekora's dokeeee.


I'm honestly just staring at her glasses the most lol. Wonder why Noel's new outfit is fine but not Choco.
Village Idiot 2 months ago#6
Mostly watched Selen but have popped in for Elira, Finana, Rosemi and Petra's streams from time to time.

Have watched clips of all members though.
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Romaji 2 months ago#7
Selen for those Megaman and Sonic Adventure streams.

Also, HUGE Vshojo leak:
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Puglia77 2 months ago#8
Has to be Pomu easily, but Selen takes second place. I recently haven't been watching Selen much because I'm not too interested in the games she's been playing, I watch streams that interest me. But I watched her POV for Mario Kart last night and it was great. She didn't put up the room code though, and I didn't realize these Mario Kart streams were going to be battles.

Finana plays a lot of games I love like Nekopara but for some reason I never catch her streams, I just watch Finana based on clips.
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Chaos_Missile 2 months ago#9
None of them.
Only Nijisanji I know of and occasionally check out is a certain big face Arch Wizard.

On another note,
I've always wondered about those "singing until x subscriber milestones" streams HoloMems do once in a while. Specifically, what happens if they somehow *dont* reach the milestone? Will the stream continue on for more than 12 hours? 24 hours?

Watame is having said stream right now. She currently has 2k more to go. She's been singing for 3 hours.
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Ushiromiya 2 months ago#10
They'll just cut the stream eventually. Watame in particular can probably go on for a long time.
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