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jb08045 2 months ago#1
Entering rerun hell after anniversaries.

Blue Archive releasing next week.

Atelier Online seems dead

Horsegirls when
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NeoBasilisk 2 months ago#2
May your gacha pulls be blessed with good RNG
TheBest69 2 months ago#3
reruns are so boring. and in ALs case sometimes worse than the initial run, with them adding 2 new ships to the pool. reading about people spending tons of cubes just to get the 2 new ships. And next event is likely the collab, which is boring as f*** too because I don't care for Gridman. Doubt the UR due this year arrives after this.
NeoBasilisk 2 months ago#4
I might just give up on trying to grind out an extra French gun during this event
getting tons of gold from story maps just feels so much more satisfying rather than praying that I'll get a single drop every 10 runs
Pyrodeyx_293 2 months ago#5
Right now, I'm grinding in D3 for that gun. I want to build at least 2 of them.
Maybe I'll do D1 afterwards for more Destroyer guns.

Also, the polls for the EN server looks boring since they were mostly UR ships in the Top 5 while the JP server is all about IJN ships. At least New Jersey has a good chance of winning.
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FlamingGoron 2 months ago#6

New event is starting with Foch, a Vichiya ship. Another French event incoming?
NeoBasilisk 2 months ago#7
I was not expecting that
PhilOnDez 2 months ago#8
Got my phone, battery life seems amazing in comparison to the old one. It's got about 80% more raw capacity than my old one did, not to mention the old one had probably close to 2000 charge cycles on it which unquestionably was causing problems, it was so worn out that trying to load up a video caused it to instantly die from 18% the other day. I haven't been using it nonstop but I've been using it frequently since I got it set up this afternoon and I've lost 13% of the battery so far, vs a few maps in AL could easily drain that much in no time
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TheBest69 2 months ago#9
Wait, that is weird. So is this already teasing the next UR event? Going by the schedule here, there is not enough time for a UR if this isn't the UR event and the next is the collab after that. Or are we going highspeed back to back events now? Says she comes after next maintenance. Usually occurs on the day an event ends.

Wait, I remember the jp patch notes talked about a mini event coming. Maybe another "clear the stage 500 times" kind of deal
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PhilOnDez 2 months ago#10
I'd be fine with a clearing event about this time, especially if they work in an oil cap. I don't think we've had one since autosearch was implemented, if we have then it was a rerun and definitely not something new
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