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YoyokuKO 1 month ago#491
Havent had time to play much of smtv, but i made it to the second area.
the hot red head is hot, but ...considering she murders her bullies...

japanese story telling is too predictable sometimes.
Since it's SMT and not Persona, i hope this subplot crash and burns phenomenally at its conclusion.
translation: i hope she doesnt die or die redeeming herself
reptyle101 1 month ago#492
playing the first Fenyx Rising dlc and it really makes me appreciate Breath of the Wild's puzzle design more

the physics in BotW has a lot of wiggle room with puzzles catering to that so that there's typically multiple ways to do things, everything's designed with experimentation in mind, and as a result you always feel rewarded like you figured out your own solution yourself even if it's the intended way

this Fenyx Rising dlc is doing more physics-based stuff than the main game did but everything's a bit too tightly designed, in every 'puzzle' there's one specific way to go which is very straightforward and whenever you think of something creative to get around it there's always a pillar in the way, or the box breaks, etc, it always blocks off any alternate creative solutions, which results in nothing really ever feeling like an actual puzzle you had to figure out

they're still fun little obstacle courses but that's definitely what they are, obstacle courses and not puzzles (despite the game thinking they are)

it made it a bit ironic when at one point a character praises you on your creativity in completing a shrine, it left me thinking 'there was no creativity there, I did the exact path the game clearly laid out'
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Norenia 1 month ago#493
I did buy SMT3 in the Steam autumn sale. I may have seriously underestimated how "not-remastered" it is. Sure, out-of-engine cinematics are expected to be in old ratios, but I wasn't expecting super-compressed music, and that the graphics were only upscaled slightly and rendered in current widescreen ratios. Nice to hear Reuben as Dante FROM THE DEVIL MAY CRY SERIES.
Mac Arrowny 1 month ago#494
I think there's a mod to fix the music.
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Norenia 1 month ago#495
Mac Arrowny posted...
I think there's a mod to fix the music.
I'll have to look into that. Wouldn't be the first time (DQXI orchestral score).
_PandaMaster_ 1 month ago#496

"That was some good ass Kentucky Fried Tekken"
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_PandaMaster_ 1 month ago#497

*remembers GTA 4*
Hmm, I liked 4, but............no one else did.
https://i.imgur.com/Em9Xlbu.jpg [#Life&Hometown] https://i.imgtc.com/790csbr.jpg
McDohl MR 1 month ago#498
I think it was one of those games people eventually came around on, but I remember at the time that a lot of people felt like it was a step backwards until the DLC stories started to come out.
Keno316 1 month ago#499
I honestly enjoyed GTA4 more than GTA5, but probably not for the reason most people would. More so than the story and gameplay, my favorite thing about GTA games is the parody nature of the world. Stuff like watching the in game TV and Radio stations. Listening to those gives you a feel to the world beyond just the story and I just love the way GTA4's are compared to 5.

That, and as a NY hommie, I like the setting more.
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DemonMoonDancer 1 month ago#500
BlazBlue Alternative Dark War is shutting down January 31st, 2022.
Saix: The Moon exhilarates me. https://i.imgur.com/WOxzCI3.jpg
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