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unnamedsoldier 1 month ago#1
I remember it was pretty popular in the late 00's/early 10's
pokedude900 1 month ago#2
It's not quite as popular as it use to be, but it's very much still a thing. Hatsune Miku has a couple live (now virtual thanks to Covid) concerts worldwide each year. Games are still made, though the main Project Diva series is pretty much dead since Sega disbanded the development team. And there are plenty of producers still making songs. DECO*27 effortlessly gets millions of views anytime they release a new song.
SilentCaay 1 month ago#3
Of course. It's still a massive thing and concerts are held every year. Miku's even having a VR concert in December. Her first real concert in VR, to my knowledge, although Crypton has dabbled in VR for smaller projects already.

(Video is a digest of a 2020 live, not in VR, which was used to announce the 2021 live)

I wouldn't say "It's not quite as popular as it use to be", it's more like it's nowhere near as publicized as it used to be. Around the 10's Vocaloids were making the news regularly and even on American TV a couple times, they had the Dominos tie-in, etc, so you likely heard about them a lot even if you weren't a fan. It's still just as popular but not as publicized.
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pokedude900 1 month ago#4
I mean, Miku's 10th anniversary song was literally about her declining popularity.
SilentCaay 1 month ago#5
A song isn't exactly any sort of authority.

Anyway, popularity might have dropped off a little but the point is that the perception of it "no longer being a thing" has more to do with the drop-off in publicity than popularity. Around the 10s Vocaloid was trending and the trend died but trends and popularity aren't the same thing. Hypothetically, popularity could have rose after the trend died but an outsider might still ask if it was "still a thing" just because they hadn't heard about it in awhile.
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Enclosure 1 month ago#6
Vocaloid songs still spawn countless offshoots, but the vocaloid characters themselves are no longer in the limelight.
Sherlock_H 1 month ago#7
There are plenty of Vocaloid producers who are still active on YouTube. This includes veterans like Mitchie M, Kikuo, Deco 27, PinocchioP, etc. as well as newer ones like Chinozo, Inabakuromi and Nejishiki. And that's just in Japan... The Vocaloid China community is HUGE.
Thing is, the latest version of the Vocaloid software (V5) kinda sucks, so producers either all stayed with the V4 voicebanks or have moved onto CeVIO and SynthV. Some classic Vocaloid characters like IA and Yukari have been re-released in these engines since they are MUCH better than V5.
Just an example:

I run a Spanish-language community called on Facebook/Instagram and we cover CeVIO/SynthV out of necessity since Vocaloid itself has been surpassed.
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red255 1 month ago#8
At some point the MMD software was release (miku miku dance) and the community took it over with new and more interesting skins and vocals.

Look up MMD on YouTube
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Zangetsu333 1 month ago#9
Project Sekai has been a big success so far although it's definitely a bit of a weird case. The Cryptonloids were used as a selling point to get people in the door, but most people stayed for the non-Cryptonloid cast. But part of the game's appeal is that a lot of song producers who have used them in the past were commissioned to make more songs which has drummed up some more interest.
Chaos_Missile 1 month ago#10
I would presume yes, but more underground because the more famous producers either:-
a) went mainstream, thus stopped depending on them or
b) no longer exist in this world

And many of the newer songs made can really match up to the quality of those from the past.
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