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  3. 86: Eighty Six ep 14 *spoilers*
xCrimzonCloverx 1 month ago#1
Finally we get some action.
Sirius Reinhart 1 month ago#2
So Eugene was killed already. That was fast. And here we go again with the discrimination and hatred.
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gikos 1 month ago#3
man this studio did it justice i loved how they captured the silent despair shin felt and killed his emotion to relive his friends pain and put him out of misery and plus showing us the feds aren't perfect and they too have a******s as well
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TheDarkNerd 1 month ago#4
Eugene wasn't even finished speaking by the time we saw his dismembered hand. f***, this show doesn't pull punches.
darealest47 1 month ago#5
Feel like this show finally hit its stride with balancing the cute/wholesomeness with the loli who’s by far the single best character here and with the brutality of the war
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sonicgabriel 1 month ago#6
"Damn Eugene stop raising all of these death flags, at this rate you might die near the end of the season."
Literally dies 1 second later...

Honestly should've expected that coming from this anime.

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SaizotheSixth 1 month ago#7
Yeah, the moment Eugene went "Hey, on my next leave, I'm gonna do this and that with my sister!" I immediately knew he was going to die.

It's a classic death flag trope, so I'm not surprised to see it happen, but I'm still sad to see him go. Plus it seems like Shin's Legion Radar is back in full force, so he's basically their best guy.
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LightningAce11 1 month ago#8
Looks like they didn't drag out his death which was good.

I want to bully Frederica.
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Turbo_TRex 1 month ago#9
Another episode without any Lena >.<

After how last week ended, I was expecting an episode or 2 of training school, but they breezed right past that and dropped us straight into the action again.
Fido lives! Yay.
And I figured Eugene would die, but that was even faster than I expected.
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ValzacardX 1 month ago#10
Damn it, so we basically traded Fido for Eugene huh?

Reaper is saving their asses after nearly dieing and still ending up being treated like s***.

Man I fever dream of then turning into Legion and getting revenge on humanity doesn't seem like such a bad thing lol.
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