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pokedude900 1 month ago#1
Apparently Crunchyroll f***ed up the subs and put in a track for a completely different show. It seems to be fixed now.

Anyway, the adventure begins!
Meganium7 1 month ago#2
Kalirion 1 month ago#3
Wonder just how much carbon coating is covering their mech to not only let it survive through all those hits and tumbles without a scratch, but to also let MCs survive without a scratch inside it without even wearing seat belts.

"What now?" "I have a plan." "A plan? You can't!" And then that plan starts with them relying on plot armor to keep their sitting duck asses from being "GET OVER HERE"d by the kaiju.

Multiple times the Kaijus were being directly on their tail and then scene-change and they're far away again. Half the city away at one point.

You know, the kind of moves that Dad was demonstrating while following The Plan could've easily let him fill the Kaijus' open mouths with explosives. Why didn't he try that?

"Talking and preparation is a free action" kept the Kaiju from Spidermanning out of the pit after the MCs while the MCs were just hanging out up there and discussing their arson plan and digging out the fireworks?

Wonder why those guys at Central or whoever left MCs alone for 3 days instead of continuing to send more kaijus after their asses until the job was done.

Guessing the person on the bike is the one who sent the loli that postcard. Wonder if she's the missing mom.

Overall I like the characters, energy, and animation, but the action sequences could've used better directing to make more logical sense.
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Calwings 1 month ago#4
pokedude900 posted...
Apparently Crunchyroll f***ed up the subs and put in a track for a completely different show.

I remember when they gave a JoJo episode the subs from Fruits Basket by accident.

That was hilarious. Anyways, I'm just about to start the episode.
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Calwings 1 month ago#5
Meme-chan reacting to the average "cute and funny" poster on /a/ like:

But yeah, the episode was awesome. The OP and ED are both bangers, the action was cool, the mecha CG was great (the kaiju CG not so much) and the conversations between Meme-chan and Dadumber were a lot of fun. Whether it's loving moments between a father and daughter or hilarious banter between equal partners on a mission, these two are great together and I can't wait to see them on their adventure.
''Someday I too will fly... and find you again!''
reptyle101 1 month ago#6
this felt almost like it was designed to be the 2nd half of a double length first episode special

I'm glad it didn't start with 2 eps though, we've had too many of those recently
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PdzJoe 1 month ago#7
It wouldn't be a digging show without a giant drill.

Pretty good ep. The mech tony reminds me of a tachikoma and those mechs from igpx fused together.
Starks 1 month ago#8
This is great. Loving Mech in Abyss.

"I'm smart. It'll work." Flawless logic.

That ring is a literal degloving hazard though
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darkmaian23 1 month ago#9
I love Memempu, but I still really don't like Gagumba that much. I hope the promise of adventure pays off. So far this feels more like Gurren Lagen than Made in Abyss.
Bako Ikporamee 1 month ago#10
wow this episode was so much worse than ep 1. The mech s*** just drags the whole thing down. the entire episode just a boring action scene in the mech
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