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User Info: MiIkMan

1 month ago#1

You will say wow.

Milk, man.
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User Info: Norenia

1 month ago#2
Is this where the sailors go to hang out now?

User Info: s0nicfan

1 month ago#3
This is really what should have happened instead of third game. Yu Suzuki has an eight-part story he clearly didn't want to abridge and is never going to get finished on console. Give him his animation and let's put this franchise to rest.
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User Info: Starks

1 month ago#4
I want no less than 3 episodes dedicated to harassing random people and driving a forklift along the docks.
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User Info: segasaturn

1 month ago#5
It looks great can't wait for 2022.
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User Info: YoyokuKO

1 month ago#6
anime ja nai

i mean... visual speaking.
its a crunchyroll original after all
Team Rocket Elite 1 month ago#7
I believe most Crunchyroll Originals are partnerships with Japanese studios. This one is with TMS Entertainment so it's an actual anime.
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User Info: reptyle101

1 month ago#8
for an accurate adaptation, it needs to have every episode of plot be followed by 3 episodes of gacha and forklifts
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