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  3. Digimon Ghost Game ep. 1 *spoilers*
reptyle101 2 months ago#21
ep 1 and we already have an enemy digimon with more personality than anything from the reboot

also I'm so glad they actually bothered to make their mouths move when the digimon talk, the thing some of the seasons do of having them their mouth just hang open unmoving the whole time they speak (like reboot) always really bothered me and looked overwhelmingly lazy

I'm a lot more excited for this one
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NeoSioType 2 months ago#22
These kids have 7G flying through their brains. That's the problem.
IcyWind14 2 months ago#23
RPGNoZero posted...
Most of the video game protagonist ones especially look so uninspired.
Most of the recent game google boys have been great though. Pretty much every one since Taiga.
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the_NGW 2 months ago#24
I really enjoyed it. Just having a horror vibe to it that hopefully continues through the majority of the series has me really excited for it. Looking forward to seeing what more they do with it.

Also kinda disappointed I never got my preorder in for that Digimon not-fitbit thing, mostly because I needed another watch for work anyways, though smart watches were just banned there so kind of a win afterall? I dunno.

Edit: And yeah, someone mentioned it above, but I am also really liking Gammamon as the main partner digimon. Nice design, kind of adorable (I loved him biting on everything), seems like a tough little dude, should be cool.
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Ararararararagi 2 months ago#25
Thank god the characters have normal sized hands and feet this time. The characters designs are overall much better than remake. I like the new main digimon too.

Gives me strong GeGeGe no Kitarou vibes. Episode was good but so we’re the first like 3-4 episodes of remake. The way they did the battles was interesting as was Gamamon’s future form. I like how Silver gets a cute squid loli. Looking forward to more of this.
uwnim 2 months ago#26
That was a good first episode. I'm kind of worried about this just cause of how bad the Adventure remake was, but it already seems like it will be better than that. Though there's a massive range where you can be better than it but still be bad.
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blasster 2 months ago#27
The characters design seems off a bit, but yea, might as well have this brand new digimon than the s***ty reboot like the last one (that I give up in less than 10 eps).
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Dracoknight2006 2 months ago#28
I made the choice to masochist watch Adventure 2020 due to Mimi episode clips and the first MetalGreymon episode. I should've been smarter, but Savers had similar weaknesses characterization-wise, even though I know Savers had actual good pacing and didn't give up on having a bare minimum plot post Devimon.

I'm still expecting this show to vomit its own blood and still be (barely) better than 2020, Tri, and Kizuna
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Deadinsideman 2 months ago#29
RPGNoZero posted...
and his partner is not a T-Rex/Dragon.
Yeah, about that...
nightwing3415 1 month ago#30
i'm honestly surprised they had clockmon de-age the kid the way it did
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