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User Info: NewAnimeFanDV

4 weeks ago#21
ep 1 - I didn't mind the style, a tad too dark though, obvious trap was obvious seeing how he had two swords. Villain lady was clearly winning the fight straight up so would have been cool to see him using both swords. Still a very clever win

ep 2 - Meh, not that it was bad but it was indistinguishable from any generic anime episode

ep 3 - Great episode, a couple of iconic dialogue usage as well and as usual, ridiculous trigger

ep 4 - Nice emotional music, good episode

ep 5 - Great episode, i felt something was up, i figured the margrave was always watching

ep 6 - What the hell is this goofy astro boy s*** with goku's va, oh snap it went serious

ep 7 - Finally, a realistic moment when someone with 2 swords attacks different parts of the body instead of attacking only the sword for some reason. That was actually a great fight, best fight so far

ep 8 - Wait what, her robot could have removed the collar the entire time, lmao what. There's the typical dumb cliche hair cut moment that has no actual purpose. I thought i would of liked this episode but i ended up not caring much for it. Terribly cliched and dumb

ep 9 - Finally an episode where the bad guy won, hated the artstyle, yeah other than that, nonsensical episode

Episodes 3/5/7 were the standouts for me
Episodes 1/4 were good
8 was average
Didn't care at all for 2/6/9

I'd say 7/10 overall
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User Info: finalfantasy94

4 weeks ago#22
AceMos posted...
how did the princess get into the gaurd uniform to get cut down why did she even attack him
You can see she wasn't attacking and she was dazed out because she was being pushed in by the sith lord.

I will say there are no bad shorts in this collection. All of them were entertaining in some way and most of them feel like they could continue as their own little show. Of course I have my favorites and I guess if I had to rank it would be


User Info: Sirius Reinhart

Sirius Reinhart
4 weeks ago#23
I have only watched episode 3 because I liked Grievous-chan from the previews I saw. Didn't disappoint.
Also, as a side note, I have watched enough anime to notice some of the subtitles weren't accurate to what was being said. And I'm not referring to the parts where there were subtitles with no dialog at all.
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User Info: Aylex12321

3 weeks ago#24
Overall this was an okay little diversion, but I’m ready to return to real Star Wars with The Book of Boba Fett in a few months. Nothing about Visions stood out to me and made me feel “I HAVE to see more” like The Mandalorian did. If we never got a Visions thing again, I wouldn’t care. Ah well. If they DO make more, I’d watch it of course since it’s SW, but hopefully it’s a more impressive batch than this first one.
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