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  3. Which anime or manga is the most blasphemous?

User Info: bond007106

4 weeks ago#41
thedarklordx3 posted...
The sky is supposed to be purple but humans don't see purple all that well because we can barely see in the UV spectrum.

Not just humans. Birds are pretty much the only vertebrates which can consistently see UV light, and even then not all of them.

User Info: Zembaphobia

4 weeks ago#42

User Info: Etheos

4 weeks ago#43
Saint Young Men of course.

User Info: Toxin45

4 weeks ago#44
Freak island/kichikujima is about religion

User Info: SilentCaay

4 weeks ago#45
Kalirion posted...
What about the whole "Created Man in His Own image" business?
Kalirion posted...
Wouldn't that apply to angels as well? Lucifer wouldn't have rebelled if he were just a brainless automaton. Same with the "serpent", whether or not that was Lucifer.
LOL, expecting the Bible to make sense and not contradict itself constantly...
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User Info: FawleeRunlan

4 weeks ago#46
Demon Lord Dante portrays God as a literal space alien
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User Info: Burst_Stream

4 weeks ago#47
Record of Ragnarok portrays a lot of the gods to be kinda smug a******s.
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User Info: Alligamer72

4 weeks ago#48
The borderline hentai Seven Deadly Sins probably. Everyone is a waifu and there's some really strong ecchi scenes.

You wanna see a Leviathan suck Lucifer's boobs? That's the anime for you
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User Info: SammichTime

4 weeks ago#49
Drifters for the possibility that the identity of the Black King is JC.
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Lord of Nightmares 2 weeks ago#50
Angel Sanctuary is probably up there if you're referring to Christianity.

In that one, God was actually a disembodied alien intelligence hailing from beyond who created the universe just to test a quantum physics theory. He was *incredibly* arrogant and only looked out for himself while allowing the universe to rot (since he'd already proven his theory correct), and had no qualms allowing Heaven to pretty much go to ruin while the angels basically conspired against one another (to the point of raping, cannibalizing and murdering each other) in order to rise up the celestial ranks, while Lucifer in this version was actually a tragic anti hero who realized that God didn't love any of his creations and attempted to reveal the truth, being imprisoned in Hell as a result.

To cut a long story short, the ending basically had the MC (who was another high ranking angel reborn as a human thanks to God's machinations) and Lucifer facing off against God (whose consciousness was inhabiting a massive CPU in the highest level of Heaven which basically was operating the entire universe) and sealing the latter away forever, freeing the universe from his tyranny.

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