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User Info: Ararararararagi

1 month ago#1
Good show. Gonna miss it. I'd like a S2 because the production values were decent and the director had a good idea with a flawed execution -- in the sense that he left in some useless episodes like 4 and retroactively made episodes like the tree ogre pointless -- but I doubt it'll get one considering a lot of the casuals reacted negatively to it. Guess I'll read the mango.

User Info: red255

1 month ago#2
Why did the content air out of order in a seemingly meaningless fashion?
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User Info: Kalirion

1 month ago#3
^ Because the director was an idiot trying to be clever.
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User Info: Ararararararagi

1 month ago#4
red255 posted...
Why did the content air out of order in a seemingly meaningless fashion?
The director tried to emulate the normal "cutting and rearranging things to make for a better adaptation" but he did it in a really obtuse and out-of-the-box way -- as if he couldn't think of the normal way people did it and thus came up with his own method -- but it was ultimately flawed because he didn't actually cut anything and instead just rearranged things which led to already pointless episodes -- like Sally's backstory -- becoming even more pointless than they already were.

User Info: BloodMoon7

1 month ago#5
I'm still confused.
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User Info: JusticeLordX

1 month ago#6
Doing it out of order added nothing of value to the show. It didn't add any sense of mystery, it didn't make anything more interesting, there's no real plot twists, the plot is so basic you could fill the gaps if you really wanted to. It was completely unnecessary and the director pretty much did it because he just wanted to.

In case anyone wants the watch order: 4,1,2,7,11,12,5,6,3,8,10,9.
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User Info: reptyle101

1 month ago#7
from what I remember, the excuse was the director finds dual protagonists really confusing to follow and for some reason decided that airing everything out of order would somehow fix that and magically be easier to follow
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User Info: eaglei3

1 month ago#8
I must admit, I lost interest in the later half of the show once we saw the "ending" out of order. We also knew what happened to a few people before it was even shown cause of the order. I liked the concept and story overall, but hated the director's reordering decision.

User Info: blasster

1 month ago#9
Well, I probably can't be assed to watch the chronological episodes, but if I remember everything correctly, order of major events are:

*Sally meets Mikoto, sets out on journey.
*Sally meets Frau, stop on Hawthorn city, Meki/Carrot taken prisoner, Hawthorn city got assblasted
*Sally meets the witch, fights the nun and tree, Mikoto meets Sumeragi.
*Sally meets Sumeragi (does this ever happen?).
*Frau mini vampire arc, awakening her power.
*Mikoto saves the nun, she travels with him.
*Sumeragi summons tons of demon and have a meeting.
*Sally reunites with Mikoto, also meets Sumeragi again, the whole Hawthorn vs thunder boi. Finish.

Well, frankly, it's.... decent enough of a show, I guess. But yea, one can only ask what's the point of broadcast order.
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User Info: Sirius Reinhart

Sirius Reinhart
1 month ago#10
Sally met Sumeragi in the city where she met Mikoto again, during the tournament. That was the episode where both asked her to make a choice of who to side with. That should have been one of the final episodes because the whole tournament was stopped due to Todoroki's attack.
And by that point, Hatsuki/Millia was already traveling with Mikoto as an amnesiac, because it was her who was fighting in the tournament.
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