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User Info: Porkimus_Prime

2 months ago#11
Avengers Assemble! lol

Really liked this episode.
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User Info: Blammo3825

2 months ago#12
how'd "wifey" translate some fatherly advice into marriage makes me wonder if she has daddy issues

man what's with all these "new elves", ruining my OG image
1st human trafficking in spider and now nature illiterates???? Make Elves Great Again

wonder how's he keeping that phone charged

definitely agree with the "foodie", he's seen and eaten all around the world and can bring an abundant of food trends and culinary ideas for a nation that can't produce it's own produce

horse whisperer got nothin on new wolfie, birds are pretty much natures weather satellites
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User Info: aak57

2 months ago#13
"thank you for bringing me the woman with the most rockin honkers"
"your majesty, she's a singer as well"

tail tuck was pretty adorable

User Info: NewAnimeFanDV

2 months ago#14
You guys are also forgetting the most crucial detail of every Isekai MC ever

He's going to get the fatso to help him acquire rice, miso and hamburg steak eventually

Yeah either wolf girl is something stupid like she needs to pee
Or something like there's a spy animal hearing all this

I can't see it being anything but a gag though
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User Info: FedEx_Corp

2 months ago#15
Wolf girl is basically a spymaster and postmaster. She is like the maesters in GoT, able to control the flow of information of the world and its delivery with ravens or like the three eyes Raven god, able to know all of the surrounding area due to the animals telling her everything.

I have no clue if communication and projection magic are common or not, but the ability to transfer aerial battlefield intel back would allow them to dominate army formation and tactical assault. Add in long mail delivery for the commoners with carrier pigeons and ponies, and ravens/birds listen into secret meeting of the enemies, Wolf girl is OP af.

User Info: Bako Ikporamee

Bako Ikporamee
2 months ago#16
l was hoping the song was Baby Got Back
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User Info: DuneMan

2 months ago#17
That image of him with the Prime Minister in Black looks rather Imperial. Together with that talk of hegemony you'd think right at the outset that he's about to influence the entire continent.

Also, Military Princess' jealous moment was silly. He's clearly stated that he currently looks at the throne as a temp gig, making the engagement a farce for the public... So, yeah, he's interested in the beauty of the busty singer. Still, given how these shows tend to go, all she has to do is emotionally bully him a bit and he'll basically ask for the leash... -_-
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User Info: Burst_Stream

2 months ago#18
I just binged the first three episodes so far and I've gotta say it's been pretty solid. We've got a varied cast of great girls too, I really like Lischa, the Dark Elf, and the Busty Songstress. Lischa so far is my favorite, but Dark Elf is cutting it very close.

My one gripe would be how well adjusted Souma is to this entire scenario despite seemingly being a very normal Japanese dude. I think this would have been more believable if they had established early on by at least giving Souma some accolades like being a genius or top student or whatever in the modern world. Or even just being exceedingly tenacious with his studies and such. Given that he's only 18 he's barely a proper college student, it's not very believable that he's already so good at what he's doing here. I think they could have aged him up a bit more, be a young professional fresh out of college or something.

But aside from that I do like Souma so far as a character (also has left a decent enough impression for me to not just remember him as MC).

Interesting that he still has his smartphone with him, I wonder if that will be used as a plot device later on. Also not believable that that thing still has battery after being in this world for days/weeks without a charger. I small little detail like he got a lightning magic user to send just enough electricity to the phone to charge it would have been a nice detail, especially when they were establishing that a lot of things made possible by modern science is substituted with magic in this world (Wyverns as airplanes, fire magic for cooking, sea dragons for naval transportation, etc.)
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