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  3. Remember back when anime adaptations of manga were actually good?

User Info: TastyTiana

2 months ago#1
And they weren't just glorified commercials that only covered a portion of the manga and said "That's all we're going to adapt. Plz read the manga if you actually want the complete story"?

User Info: User_94

2 months ago#2
*Looks at Demon Slayer*

Nope. Now light novels on the other hand...

User Info: FakeAccount3000

2 months ago#3
What series are you thinking of? It's always varied depending on the series if it's the whole thing, part of it, or had an anime only ending. Tbh there were a lot more anime only endings back in the 90's that would cause us to rage today except we didn't have the net to find out info or the manga translated and just accepted it.
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User Info: bond007106

2 months ago#4

User Info: YRYRDZ

2 months ago#5
yeah no it's always been like this
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User Info: LordFarquad1312

2 months ago#6
Yep. We got Jujutsu Kaisen a few months ago.
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User Info: Dirak

2 months ago#7
You can't remember something that never happened.
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User Info: Satt

2 months ago#8
I still want Nozaki Kun season 2.

User Info: Krazy_Kirby

2 months ago#9
fma > fma:b

so following the manga doesn't equal better

User Info: ju_mu

2 months ago#10
Adaptations always tend to stop at a cretain point half the time even back in the day unless they get really popular(flame of recca, rave master, beelzebub, bobobo-bo bobo, ect.). Even stuff like sailor moon and slayers could be seen as poor adaptations because they change so much from tbe source material that you cant possibly say they are in the same universe as the novels/manga.
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  3. Remember back when anime adaptations of manga were actually good?
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