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User Info: reptyle101

2 months ago#1
the girls talk about all the sex they had, then we learn where Gengoro's powers come from (that's the glasses guy with video-game lives)

turns out Gengoro is actually from another world with no magic, but one day he got hit by a truck and reincarnated here with videogame powers

looks like the final battle starts next chapter
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User Info: Oblivion_Hero

2 months ago#2
Huh, missed this when it came out.
Whelp, here's hoping it's a satisfying final battle.
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User Info: PdzJoe

2 months ago#3
reptyle101 posted...
turns out Gengoro is actually

Lmao. That's kinda funny because I can bet a LN somewhere already has that setup.

I don't read the manga but I pop in from time to time when I see a topic is made.
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  3. UQ Holder ch 185 *spoilers*
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