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  3. i tell c ch. 19 *spoilers*

User Info: JLazarillo

1 month ago#1
Doomed though this series may be, that was a really nice ending to this arc. Happy-ish endings all around.
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User Info: reptyle101

1 month ago#2
it somewhat censored it but still, an actual lesbian kiss in Jump

I don't if we've had one of those before
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User Info: taosapao

1 month ago#3
I am not sure why. This prob will be cancelled soon but i actually like this series lol.
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User Info: TastyTiana

1 month ago#4

Oh? It's another manga heroine with the Chidori Kuruma character pattern?

User Info: chaochaoman

1 month ago#5
I honestly thought this arc was pretty good. It's kinda tragic how much this series has improved since the end of the prologue because it shows that the author really can write good stuff, but he just fumbled the beginning super hard and that basically caused it to be dead on arrival.
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  3. i tell c ch. 19 *spoilers*
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