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User Info: MasterTurtle

1 month ago#31
how tf did Shirakawa show up

Curious as to how operation title drop will actually go down. Right now it seems like Odokawa's plan is to hope that Yano's team realizing that 9/10 of the cases are fake will be enough to stall them until the police arrive (presumably he'll be tipping off the Daimons? We know big Daimon is in league with Dobu but not how he'd deal with Yano). I doubt it'll go that smoothly in practice though.
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User Info: PdzJoe

1 month ago#32
Shirakawa actually using the fighting skills in action was cool but I'm surprised she could do it in heels.

He really tried to kill odokawa then immediately got beat and said forgive me.

mario2000 posted...
So that's it? We're some kinda OddTaxi?

He said it! He said the thing! They even paused right after he said it and then had dobu say it again which was kinda funny.

User Info: LightningAce11

1 month ago#33
Hey, a title drop! Felt like they were winking at the audience.

The capoeira music made me giggle, then I started laughing when I saw Shirakawa dancing outside and beat the manager's ass.

Can you forgive me, asks the guy who tried to strangle Odakawa.

That's a convoluted plan, so either it'll go exactly as they said or there will be a twist.

The rapping was pretty cool, props to the translators for doing it right. The cyberstalking was funny, reminds me of stuff 4chan does.

Thought the sauna scene with the yakuza would be a callback to when Kakihana thought he was talking to him but the boss was really on the phone, but no.

Goriki is so close, I'm excited to see how they'll tie things together.
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User Info: cador

1 month ago#34
I thought it meant Odokawa Taxi
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