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User Info: reptyle101

1 month ago#1

Taiki gets paired in doubles with Haryu and he says he's not too excited about to team up with the guy who's close to his crush... which Haryu overhears immediately

naturally Haryu spends the week trolling him about it

I was a little concerned at this seeming to start the typical 'oh no popular guy' drama but this is a really fun twist, Haryu's great
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User Info: Nintendoomed89

1 month ago#2
This was a more fun chapter and I'm glad it's leaning more into the sports aspect.
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User Info: Flaming_Fire619

1 month ago#3
Alright. I admit. I smiled at new teasing Senpai. Guy actually seems super chill and totally is playing wingman for him now with how he pulled him over to brag about him dealing with the spartan training in front of Chii.

I still don't know how long and how interesting this story can go until some sports stuff again, but I'm liking it so far.
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User Info: Altair718

1 month ago#4

Also Haryu having a gf and messing with him the whole time was great.
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User Info: User_94

1 month ago#5
I had a huge grin when I read the last few pages. I was kinda expecting it but Haryu being such a great senpai was still great. It would be interesting if the author commits to them playing doubles.
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