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  3. My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 11 (ep 99) *spoilers*

User Info: pokedude900

1 month ago#1
Deku's got some new abilities.
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User Info: s0ySauced

1 month ago#2
That was a s***ty final fight. Class B sold hard, even worse then when against Bakugo at least they tried in that fight.

User Info: Imaginary

1 month ago#3
For all the self hype Ashido does, she was kinda doing bad in this fight. Was that because she's actually being careful because she doesn't want to melt her opponents limbs off?

Felt bad for Shinso being obliterated by a Midoriya at 8%. At least he was kinda useful in the first fight.
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User Info: reptyle101

1 month ago#4
Ashido's like Okuyasu in Jojo, her power is potentially really powerful but she sucks at using it because she's dumb
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User Info: Kingdom080500

1 month ago#5
Okay I like how even just one of the previous quirks takes a toll on Deku's body just like normal OFA. When he was able to stop the pipes Shinso was throwing at him, I feared he was already able to control the black whip. But no, it seems like he really does need to master OFA at its full power before even considering controlling the other quirks inside of it.
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User Info: Echo_djinn

1 month ago#6
I enjoy this series but even as a fan this season has been weak. It been a slog waiting for things to get interesting again.

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User Info: Meadz

1 month ago#7
Overall this last fight was pretty disappointing. Uraraka had a nice showing I guess
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User Info: pokedude900

1 month ago#10
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  3. My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 11 (ep 99) *spoilers*
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