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User Info: bond007106

4 weeks ago#31
Kalirion posted...

"Sexually explicit anime, comics, books, films, animation, manga, hentai, yaoi"

"Sexually explicit" means different things to different people. This could potentially be used to ban anything with fan service.

Not really. There's already a term for fan service-type stuff, "sexually suggestive". It's a different level.
Some borderline stuff, like Interspecies Reviewers, may come under fire, but that's about it.

User Info: Bacon_Man2009

4 weeks ago#32
YRYRDZ posted...
iirc it was also because pornhub had a lot of revenge porn on it which is obviously incredibly illegal. I think there was a pretty big "group" or whatever on Pornhub that was busted recording a lot of women without their consent.
From what I recall, it was actually a small % but rather than sort through their stuff and figure out what was what they decided to go with the nuclear option and nuke 80% of their catalog.

User Info: KaijunoKami

4 weeks ago#33
The only thing I bother selling on ebay anymore is digital copies. They've up their fees after getting rid of Paypal and everyone on there now expects to give a 200% discount.

"Oh, you paid $80 for that item you are selling for $60 even though the secondary market value is supposed to be $100? Can you sell it to me for $5? Oh, and that includes the cost of shipping it to me."
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User Info: reptyle101

4 weeks ago#34
do people actually use ebay

I always figured it was mostly a meme
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User Info: Edgeknight

4 weeks ago#35
It's getting popular again - especially with people who're trying to disengage with amazon.
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User Info: NeoGeoXSega

4 weeks ago#36
Wait, is eBay banning all adult content or just making sure you can't buy adult content in thr regular listings?

Because they have a adult-only section that is very well hidden.
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User Info: Kalirion

4 weeks ago#38
NeoGeoXSega posted...
Because they have a adult-only section that is very well hidden.
"Effective July 15, 2021, the Adult Only category will no longer be available for new listings."

I don't know if that means the adult-only section or not.
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User Info: tvmasterdoodles

4 weeks ago#39
This can be used to f*** over a lot of things. These definitions can affect things that aren’t just pornographic in nature. This all sounds like actual literal fascism and anti-gay tactics. They specifically list straight porn as exceptions and that’s just… kinda disgusting.
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User Info: cador

4 weeks ago#40
I bought an h game on steam using paypal. Now I can't use paypal on steam.

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