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User Info: Null_Gain

4 weeks ago#11
Eab1990 posted...
inb4 pokedude

Him losing his s*** is part of the charm of a Castlevania topic

Legends Kuja posted...
I do think the edgy 13-yo dialogue does hold the series back a bit. Make those swears f***ing mean something instead of being this f***ing 13-year old's wet dream f***ing dialogue f***ety f*** f*** f***

IRL, the average person from a similar-ish time period in Europe spoke just as crudely as people in Castlevania do. But yes, the language does take away from certain scenes in the show
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User Info: User_94

4 weeks ago#12
Holy s***, this season just has such awful dialog. So much use of the word f***ing without any of said action. The pace was a mess as well and several plot points from last season were just rushed. Instead we follow Trevor wasting time around a city all just so he could pick up a new DEM weapon. Then he comes back at the end alive anyway. I don't even know wtf they brought back Dracula and Lisa.

I think the initial glow from seeing all the great looking action scenes has worn off for me. I don't even want to see them do another season if this is the pay off. At least the action scenes are still amazing but is it worth going through everything else...

User Info: yahya_no_1

4 weeks ago#13
Disappointing season, it's not as bad as season 3 bec S3 was one big filler.

But this one was straight out just getting further and further from the castlevania lore, it had amazing fights and war episodes but nothing past that

God death was super lame and too edgy when he started to speak, the inf door world thing was a tease that went nowhere, even Deaths reveal was terrible and felt out of nowhere

Still no Grant for some odd reason even though he would have fit just fine.

Also the point of the CV series Dracula and Belmont family is they end up slaying him at the end, the castle is alive, when Dracula dies it disappears and keeps bringing all the monsters inside it back to life once it appears again 100+ years.

Cool concept for some odd reason abandoned here, instead the castle is now a place for children to play........

Main issues:
*Alucard forced out of nowhere relationship
*Trevor not losing his eye and ends uo fighting death as the big bad guy who was behind it all, also he was stronger than Dracula .......
*Bringing Lisa and Dracula to live normal lives...... excuse me???
*Never explained still how Lisa ended up in hell
*Lack of real focus with the story
*Final boss is not Dracula but death
*Camila and Death should be surving Dracula, not be independent like LoS was.
*It didn't do a proper build up to the next generation, and how will hector's game story work now -_-"
*Un important characters taking a full screen time as much as a full episode, I didn't care about Hector or Lenore or the lesb Vampires

First 4 eps are pure Filler..... whatever at least we got the first 2 seasons (which were really one season)

This season really just had me drop any future projects they work on for CV if they will all be this far off from the lore, even lords of Shadow did a better job than the anime when it came to changing things around

User Info: Dracoknight2006

4 weeks ago#14
Greta was Grant btw. Weirdest thing done in this show.
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User Info: Legends Kuja

Legends Kuja
4 weeks ago#15
I get the feeling that it ended the way it did because they wanted to seal up literally all of the plot threads in case it couldn't get the distant continuation it needed.

They're *looking* at getting one, but it's no guarantee that it will happen. So therefore all the plot threads kinda got sealed up, including the weird and suspiciously good ending for Dracula.

It would be an interesting take to see some of the games remade with some (but not all) of the lore the show established (a bigger emphasis on other vampires currying favor with Dracula, the Infinite Corridor, Death being the bigger mover and shaker a la Lord of Shadows), but that would mean having to ignore how conclusively season 4 ended things.
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User Info: Dracoknight2006

4 weeks ago#16
In b4 Dracula terrorizes Russia as Ivan the Terrible and Christopher Belmont is a Russian Belmont because yes. It could work loosely based on those old IDW comic adaptations of the Game Boy Castlevanias.
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User Info: Disowned

4 weeks ago#17
It was alright. There was way too much swearing this time tho.
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User Info: XGeass

4 weeks ago#18
Favorite part was Carmilla vs Issac, though the part where he completely forgave Hector was kinda out of no where.

Was ok with the part with Varney being Death. The hints where there but it was kinda obvious who he was the moment he said why he kept that one Russian vampire around.
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User Info: AceMos

4 weeks ago#19
my topic on this got deleted for being off topic

my big issues with the season are trevor survived

and the ending with dracula and lisa made no sense
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User Info: Aceron

4 weeks ago#20
AceMos posted...

my big issues with the season are trevor survived

I mean, he kinda has to sire the future generations of Belmonts, so it's kind of required.
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