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User Info: ArekuKitten

1 month ago#1
Sadogure on the hunt again.

User Info: LightningAce11

1 month ago#2
Tohru finally admits her feelings for Kyo, but harsh memories pop up for him.

What is his role in Kyouko's death?
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User Info: BigG777

1 month ago#3
Akito must die for what he did to sexy Rins hair!

And dammit just when I thought Kyo and Tohru would finally be a thing we get some crazy repressed memory horror s***.

User Info: darealest47

1 month ago#4
Yeah that took an immediate dark turn at the end

Good that we’re finally getting the ship that we deserve tho
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User Info: SilentCaay

1 month ago#5
So many feels...
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User Info: uwnim

1 month ago#6
I kept crying during this episode. Tohru shouldn't believe she's a terrible person.

Ugh, what did Kyo remember there at the end?
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User Info: Rukiabdl6

4 weeks ago#7
You can't do this, show
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