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  3. My Hero Academia Season 5 episode 4 (ep 92) *spoilers*

User Info: pokedude900

4 weeks ago#1
A proper explanation of how brainwashing works.
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User Info: Sirius Reinhart

Sirius Reinhart
4 weeks ago#2
I can't help but remember Madoka-senpai when Tsuyu speaks.
And what in that ball of vines even resembles a crucifixion? This Vine girl is a crazy representation of Christianity and I'm offended. It's what I would say if I had as thin a skin as Twitter npc crowds.
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User Info: Jason27104

4 weeks ago#3
Having not read this arc, I just keep wondering how long fun tournament time lasts before some kind of villain shows up. Anyways, that was a bit bland, but "behind you" was a fun use of Shinso's version of brainwashing given its conditions.

User Info: uwnim

4 weeks ago#4
He gets better at it he could probably brainwash someone, and then have it look like they are speaking while he's really doing the talking.
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User Info: Ararararararagi

4 weeks ago#5
Aoi Yuki wasn't using the frog voice in the beginning so Frog Girl sounded pretty off. Thought her VA changed for a minute there. Denki was likewise p. unrecognizable before, but now I clearly hear Reki from SK8. Episode itself was aight. I enjoyed the short little bursts of good animation randomly interspersed.

User Info: sadib100

4 weeks ago#6
I want the Persona Cords.
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User Info: Bane_Of_Despair

4 weeks ago#7
Give me best boy Tokoyami action next week, been waiting for it
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User Info: Null_Gain

4 weeks ago#8
I was expecting some sort of ventriloquism mixed in with his powerup, given how that actually works in fiction
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User Info: Bako Ikporamee

Bako Ikporamee
4 weeks ago#9
l want to be wrapped up in frog girl's tongue
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User Info: ozzyman314

4 weeks ago#10
Once again Kota is shown to be one of the more useless members.
I already like Shinso, he had to do it the hard way but he proved himself. Like how he's taking lessons from Aizawa by using his binding cloths.

Honestly thought B were going to win this one. Give them a big W in their debut.
I know inevitably it's going to come, just a matter of who it will be against.

Next episode looks even more exciting. Also looks like we finally get to see what Tokoyami did with his intern with Hawks.

I do wonder how many episodes this arc will take up. 2 episodes for each match should be fine. Maybe 3 for the last one with Deku. Still leaves at least half a season though.
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