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User Info: Boatcat1211

1 month ago#21
If you enjoyed the League of Villains arcs, e.g. USJ and Forest Training Camp/Kamino arcs, then yes, the series gets way better.
As for stuff like the Sports Festival, the current arc in the anime is more student v student, though more in the vein of the Battle Training arc (near the start) than Sports Festival.
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User Info: pcmike2

1 month ago#22
It gets pretty good after that gentle villain, but it takes a while to get there. The manga right now is pretty good, entering the final arc.

User Info: ValyrianE

1 month ago#23
LNSS posted...
I'm in the part with this Gentle Criminal guy, and can't believe how far it's fallen since the tournament arc. Does it get better?


The show peaks with the AFO/Bakugo Rescue arc during the first half of S3 and then goes downhill from there.

People rave about the Overhaul and Eri arc but it was meh. Eri is nothing special, just yet another cute little daughter in a genre where cute little daughters are a dime a dozen.

User Info: Scotty_Rogers

1 month ago#24
Typical trash Shonen

User Info: Humble_Novice

1 month ago#25
Yes, it definitely does escalate to very intense levels.

User Info: LNSS

1 month ago#26
I caught up to the current episodes, but gotta say watching one episode at a time is going to be really hard. Not because it's particularly exciting, but because it feels so slow...
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