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User Info: WOMANpukumaru

2 months ago#21
Alright. Finally have time to play again
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#22
Alright....continuing from the bad ending fianlly

what did I do wrong?

I said there was an accomplice and and I picked kaede because no other answer was producing results. There definitely was an accomplice...maybe I don’t point out anyone?

No that’s not it.

As far as I can tell, the progress up to this point has followed some logical steps

It appears I overlooked things. This is good. This is what I want out of detective gameplay to be punished for my mistakes.

Alright. Zooming in on the face. This is a bad detective decision. I like it. Let’s try to get this right.

Is it a coincidence that they’re both in the same area? No I don’t think it’s a coincidence

What is the evidence to support that

The situation is that we found a phone number that could link to an address in a certain neighborhood that makoto just shorted to rig a thing about. The evidence to support that

The evidence would be the phone statements the note and the idea that he has a separate hideout. So I think it’s safe to say the separate hideout is what I’m going with here

Okay. So. Mission failed on getting this right. Kinda ruined. What did I miss....let’s look at the evidence

The only thing that jumps out at me is that he said “testimony”

The only real testimony is fumiya. And he said that he could cure eriko. So I guess we’re just establishing yaginuma and rokushiki’s connection

Yeah I guess this does follow a pretty logical train. Establishing why yaginuma would help him

So he broke him out out of desperation to save his sister. He even gave up his career for it, even though he knew how manipulative makoto is.....that’s desperation for you. And makoto probably has enough skill to sad

Man I wonder who would ask to cure yaginuma’s sister.

Is this the “big detective moment”? Come on...

I guess makoto figured out that yaginuma would betray him.....ah who am I kidding he was just manipulating hint be whole time and the cure was a lie

It’s still possibly that eriko is still alive

Who do we call

Other than the ghostbusters, I mean, maybe calling out makoto would spook yaginuma less? Eh

Like I feel sorta bad for him but Like people forget just how much of a piece of s*** he was in Cartagra. Like he was human garbage and rather immoral. I guess he mellowed out over the years somewhat? But he’s not really a “lovable jerk”

Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#23
Yaginuma did you really think you could catch him off guard? If your goal was to Betray him from the start, you HAD to do makoto’s deal wouldn’t be offered up your sister to that madman. That’s what you did.

Asking us to prove he was gonna kill he just gonna f*** with us?

I wonder what he wants to get by aiming the gun? He looks pretty crazy. I figure he’s just gonna turn the gun on himself

I wonder if it’s possible to save him....I’ll try a bunch of different options later

Yeah it doesn’t seem like it. Unless I’m supposed to get everything wrong?

Either way. Yaginuma is dead after all this time. The guy who has appeared in maybe the most games of everyone. I think he’s the one character that has been here from the beginning....damn.

A dream with Touko...
I don’t really care that much about Touko but I’ll take the up skirt shot

Speaking of sexual stuff....this game hasn’t had a single sex scene yet.

Dude. Am I reading this right with a SIX YEAR timeskip? Six years....I have to be reading that wrong....

Yukari is definitely looking way....6 years?!

Gotta say older yukari is f***in hot. She was always pretty but damn she lookin fine.

Masaki looks the same lol

is chie gonna be back by now?

I was wondering if any of the girls would be reiji’s daughter grown up, but that was thrown out the window due to the timeframe. But if it really was a six year timeskip we’re probably getting that daughter now. s***. 6 that long enough for yukari to FINISH college? Ayumu will be out of college. Probably. Uozomi might be hella promoted. Michiru is gonna be an adult. Yukiko...will somehow probably be back. And an adult.

Kaede wil be the villain.

I wonder how maezono is doing....

The misa sculpture will be gone for a like time.

Stella will be older....

What about that chick that was in the last game...

Kazuna and Shugo’s kid will be 8 or 9

Hatsune, wherever she is, is an adult now

Rokushiki makoto is just out there....yaginuma. You gave him a new victim and probably caused even more s***.
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#24
I really can’t believe there was actually a 6 year time skip. This is ridiculous

Lol the first thing they show after the timeskip is a murder.

Like the new song tho

And there’s adult ayumu....oh man she looks hot

I’m going to assume that he first part was merely a prologue. The setup for the current cases. Like the “real game” will start now. So hopefully we can go back to the normal talking gameplay and get some SEX SCENES

Hmmm. A poor imitation of the incidents. It seems like the current killer isn’t used to this and is only doing it for attention and nightmares huh? Maybe they haven’t seen the painting

I’m mad. The girl they killed is really cute. Great hairstyle too. I’m pissed that such a cutie is a body.

Yeah the only thing is the arms and the wing...the crooked is beaten not posed, not on the cloth. Or anything

Was this girl just being abused? That’s sad

Maezono is a cutie as always.

I wonder why she’s hiding so protect someone else?

Went missing last year....kidnapping? Prostitution?

Dude....Stella is over his house? I know he’s my self insert character but this dude is way too lucky....and he’s still hung up on one high school girl.

To think that I thought this guy would take care himself

How did he convince ANOTHER young girl to take care of him? Ah who I kidding? With the Dick. But still...come on now
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

3 weeks ago#25

Yo she’s bathing in his house huh? Ah man....sleeping over too. Damn.

Yo. In his room?

I like how toji is just hanging around now. I guess eh just ain’t got nothing either to do


I thought because fumiya got arrested chizuru would be out of the picture...but no. Somehow this guy is out of prison for helping. A criminal escape and chizuru’s death was just a tease. God dammit

But hey. Rokushiki is on the loose and would still be after her. So maybe there’s hope. For now. I have to endure...

Oh great. Thanks b****. Good job. Serve oniii chan soem tea. This is what we want to see in this scene

The rare cases of masaki getting mad is actually enjoyable

Murder of young girls. This is probably how we’re going to meet Reijis daughter.

Yet ANOTHER woman with a beauty mark as one of the kids this like a contagious disease?
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!
(edited 3 weeks ago)

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

2 weeks ago#26
I’m honestly still in disbelief that we have a time skip THIS huge....
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 week ago#27
It seems that they all have a story. Go off to play. Never return. And they’re all on the same area. Not a coincidence. It’s weird. Maybe they were all drawn in somewhere. Or something is being covered up

Alright here we go....finally a conenction.

The creepy grandson has an aunt named Sora taht has

Some kind of angel disease....born without arms and a growth in the back. I wonder if this is real or not.

But not only that but his mother seems to be named Shizuka. Isn’t that maezono’s name?! Maezono has no family register....could it be? Maezono has a son?

Could the mysterious girl in the room be Sora her sister? No but we actually got a scene of the arm being cut off...didn’t we? Why cut off her arm while it was already cut off?

That could be why the new body isn’t like the’s more to resemble the person....interesting.

I wonder if the guy who left the apartments was rokushiki makoto and maybe he’s been influencing this creepy grandson....or someone else

It seems sora also had a daughter. Is maezono is old enough to have a grown son....could the that was found in her room be the missing girl...?
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

5 days ago#28
Who is the father of Sora’s daughter....could it be rokushiki makoto? Could it be Mamiya Shinzo? I think it’s likely someone met sora and fell in over with her, inspiring the painting....maybe someone pulled a “misa no shoujo” on her...inspiring Kara no shoujo. That might be why Maezono was angry at Kara no shoujo

Okay. The machine translator is faking me right now. It keeps saying maezono is this guy’s sister....not his mother.

Okay let’s go over this

Haru has two daughters

Sora. Angel girl. NOT the mother of the missing girl.

What the translation is giving me is sora. The sister of grandson’s mother.

Braking it down it appears to me

I can’t tell whether the phrasing is weird or I just don’t get Japanese. Maybe both.

Mago. Meaning grandson

Mago no hahaoya grandson’s mother.

Hahaoya no imouto. Clearly aunt. The sister of her grandsons mother.

Sister of her grandsons mother. Is sora. So the sister of sora is her grandsons mother. Who’s name is Shizuka. Right???

Sora left the house

Sora’s sister. Shizuka. Drew the picture. Because she painted. They both painted.

Ayumu confirms that Shizuka is her grandsons mother

Okay. Reijis like “Shizuka?!

It seems I was confused...or well, I was confused but I was also right.

All this time I thought maezono’s name was Shizuka. Because that’s what the translator is giving me. I noted that the way her name was spelt is weird....apparently it’s pronounced sei, but I think her mother says it Shizuka. That’s why it’s hidden…ha. Interesting.

Uh..okay here’s something I missed. If sora is not the mother of the missing girl...does that mean maezono has TWO kids?

Okay here we get confused

Uozomi says it’s the big brother of Shizuka maezono. That kidnaps his niece. What?

Two daughters. One is the mother of her grandson. Named Shizuka. How does he become her older brother. And how is his niece the missing girl....? Wouldn’t it be his sister?

I don’t get it completely lost now. Well this is what I get for reading a Japanese game using a machine. But even when I break down the words individually it doesn’t make sense.
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!
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