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User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#11
Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it was this guy who damaged the painting? Lol

<img src="//:0">Another choice. Is it soskien true my to the painting or someone trying to keep it for himself?

I think we already know the answer, but considering how reckless the current killer seems to be, maybe he would try to sell it....but no, as clumsy as he appears to be, he seems obsessed with the painting so he wouldn’t sell it

Are they the same person or different people?

see I really like these open ended choices that you can’t really tell the outcome of. This one is interesting.

It’s kinda implausible that two different people infiltrated this place and both just happens to do things related to Shinzo’s paintings.

but on the one hand investigating as if it’s the same person may lead to overlooking things.

I’ll go with same person, but I’m not sure about it. And that’s good

The behavior does seem to contradict...hmm

is it related to the murders? Almost certainly. It would be weird if it wasn’t. Who else would really care about that painting that much?

ah So someone either leaked the condition of the body or someone who works as a journalist published the story. Considering that the press was at the unveiling of the painting we can assume it’s the latter.


For Touko’s “mom” to be given forever. But the game couldn’t do that ONE. THING.

Let me guess. I have to hear this b**** mope around, say she isn’t a good mom and talk about how much she wants to f*** get brother. RIGHT?!
<img src="//:0"><img src="//:0">
Oh guess what her first line is.....”onii chaaan” I don’t care! Why did this game care?! She isn’t relevant to the plot! She hardly ever was! Why.....

i hair realized we have another person who talks quietly. Good. I don’t want to hear a god damn thing you have to say. Go away....please...even if your voice is sexy...

Yamanouchi is lookin cute in this game.

They leaked the state of the body but not completely, and not it’s connection tot be painting.

mhmm. Maybe the police are in on this? Hmm

So there IS a way of selling the painting. The difference between an amateur detective and an experienced one.

interesting possibility that the painting was damaged just to bring in a restorer....maybe there’s an obsession with restorers

Thr third incident is in like a forest where people fish

fide can you imagine you’re some old dude going out to fish and you just see a sculpture of a naked girl? What do you tell your friends?

the cinematic introductions of the corpses are quite nice and really add to the eeriness. They’re treated like discovering some alien creatures and that’s what they look like. It’s probably bad to say I really like the corpses but they are best part so far.

the music is also great. It’s like you stepped into silent hil
we are closer to thus one than the ithrsd

its almost nice that the errie music is kept Siri my the investigation scenes. The kind of upbeat jazzy music kinda fit the old school detective feel but here, the creepiness is being emphasized, which fits quite well.

What I find interesting is that these investigations aren’t really tuning up any new info. Just repeating the same things. All we know is the estate of the body, and that’s all that’s there to be discovered.

I wonder what it looks like, carrying what appears to be a sculpture
I also wonder what the bodies would look like after a few more days left

seems like we’re finally gonna do some detective gameplay. Hopefully it’s good

no it’s another choice. This is early but I hope the detective gameplay wasn't cut

ah here we go. Choosing a suspect. I’m selecting masaki lol

ha. They actually took that into account.

Did maezono commit suicide? It really seems like it, but...I mean did someone just happen upon her when she did that? Eh...I’ll go with suicide

Maezono can draw with the same brush strokes as the original artist.....could heavenly punishment be faked?

He might be going to talk to rokushiki makoto....damn are we already at that point?

yeah I was right....I really hope we get his full story out of this game. He still seems to hiding a lot

irs hilasjoys how this guy is another consultant in the cases at this point. He’s kinda like this series version of Hannibal.

Reiji, you realize he’s going to comment on Touko’s death right? For some reason you’re really bothered about that. So...I dunno come on

lol that was pointless....he was told nothing. Rokushiki wins again

oh hey look. More pointless wandering around form least we learned that makoto is being moved

We have another interesting choice. Was it really a homicide or really a suicide? All the details are vague and contradictory.

Homicide by forcing someone to drink chemicals? Wouldn’t it be funny if natsume was lying? Lol

i mean it’s possible but unlikely. It really seems like it has to be a suicide. But the question is if we assume it was one of the other and investigate with that assumption. I definitely think someone else is invoked here. Maybe some kind of cult...or pact or something. So maybe I should choose murder here.

this choice is interesting because the course of events is so vague at the moment. I like that
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#12
I. The end I chose suicide because it seems more productive to check what reasons she would have to commit suicide than who killed her when it seems no one did

was it suicide in the hoke or somewhere else?

Considering she bought the sheets herself and the poison. It really seems like it was in the room. But maybe if it was at the office for instance that could be it.

Could be this mysterious teacher is somehow indoctrination his students.

mill go with elsewhere. That might help explain how the body was found.

she was being taught painting possibly by the same guy that taught chie. Which would uncover a connection.

but no, seriously. Does chie have a stoma or something? Why does it sound like she’s been chain smoking since she wa San infant and her throat has deteriorated?

Maezono sensei....whoa. Dude. Chie. Are you seriously about to lead a detective to you?

Um chie...dude....are you trying to get caught?!

I fvhted they knew eachother. I don’t know why I assumed that the teacher would be male. I assumed they both had the same teacher not that she WAS the teacher. Did maezono mention that? Anyway that’s how they’re connected.

are the speech patterns connected tho? It seriously might not be a coincidence at this point....

I probably assumed “he” because the translator I’m using defaulted to “he”

Dude is chie going to die? This looks like area the scene of I ever saw one....

she finally raises her goddamn voice when taking about death.

“I will catch the criminal” “but like I’m right here tho....”

Phone call. Don’t tell me that it’s chie. Come on now...I mean taht would certainly change everything.

no...Sasakura?! Whoa...hold on now....just as the trail was leading away from him....what is his connection?

gotta love that police monitoring XD

whoo boy. Seems like someone hated this guy.

the music for this corpse even more foreboding.

it seems the whole “not letting you fail” is a ost rod this game. Unfortunate

ywab it was apparent from how mad he got that he was probably the one who stole the painting

wait-NOT heavenly punishment?” What? Kara no shoujo? The original sculpture?

Did Shinzo forge works from sasakura? Or was sasakura making maezono do forgeries and that’s why he was angry? Because shinzo’s works messed up his plan?

Another choice. Is the killer male or female?

long hair doesn’t say anything. The inability to cut off the arms doesn’t say anything

Nothing concrete hut all the suggestions say female, so I’ll go with that....for now
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#13
Lol got lured in by a naked girl. Probably the easiest way to catch a man off guard.

another choice. Is it unrelated to the painting murders

it could be. It could be this guy was just a painting thief and it’s unrelated.

but the brutality of the murder, the connections he has to Shinzo and maezono. The fact that murderer tried to cut off the arms...yeah. It’s related.

maybe the reason the painting wansnt found it because it was taken by the murderer

i didn’t quite catch what the last question was asking. I guess this is the time when a machine translations really comes out to bite me huh?

maezono maybe gathered the fabric in order to recreate the punishment? Maybe she killed herself out of guilt?

The paintings sasakura has could be the real ones, switched with forgeries? That could explain a lot..

Yeah they’re going up with the solution of maezono’s forgeries...Chie was talking about making her “real” when dealing with the corpse.

He asked her to make a copy of divine punishment but maybe refused fue to a personal connection...

....I now see why masaki was kept out of the loop so far with the case. It was so the game could pull this twist

we just assumed that the woman found in maezonos apartment was her...

mwybe this is what was meant by “make it real”

Its a nice feels kinda manufactured though. It it also fits. They were so scars of copy cats and not letting anyone see the body that no one who knew her could confirm that it wasn’t her....still masaki being left out feels a bit manufactured.

Did sasakura know she wasn’t dead...was is maezono that killed him?

did we really have no pictures of her?! I’ll have to go back and see how it was confirmed that it was maezono

Oh and that’s probably why I didn’t realize it was her at first either, because it wasn’t! My instinct was right but the game told me otherwise.

Right. The dental record matched as well. So there’s a couple possibilities

1 some kinda dental forgery...which seems unlikely

2 the person masaki knows is maezono and this is someone else

3 The person. Masaki knows is NOT maezono and the person who died is the real one!

Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#14
Do the culprits know How to fake dental records...if that’s even possible? Maybe? But going back, the only reason we assumed it was her was a because that’s what we were told.

interesting. Apparently there’s something unusual about the way maezono’s name is written. Maybe that’s significant

Is it possible that sasakura is the culprit still....hmm...maybe not for “maezono” but for the other cases? Maybe...! He’s probably responsible for what happens my that’s for sure

wby did he lie? Obviously becaus maezono is alive

ah I was also wondering why maezono’s page in the notebook had no picture. I thought it was because Reiji hasn’t seen her yet. I was right....I just didn’t realize HOW right.

Could it be that out girl in the dark who was betrayed was actually maezono? That would fit the betrayal part, and the “sin” part. Hmm

so the person who died was definitely using the identity of maezono. I did think it was weird that she ha absolutely no family whatsoever to claim the body or anything.

Im not good with Japanese city names

do I look at the old warehouse, or where she taught? I’ll have to look on the notebook to remember where

the notebook doesn’t really tell me

a lot of things seems to happen in “chofu” but that seemed to be a dead end. I’m thinking either where she taught or where the old office is....I’ll have to check my saves

I don’t know of it was mentioned exactly where she had been teaching. But the old warehouse is Chofu. I think it’s Chofu but I want to check the other answer to see what is said

definitely not shinjuku. So yeah. It’s chofu

man this situation is we go

since we can’t see anything in the dark I was expecting to get attacked.

a woman’s voice.

she won the ground...bleeding. Did she try to commit suicide?

Did cut her hair? Hmm there’s the glasses so it looks more like her

The choice...suicide or is the attacker still around. I think the addition of the wing points to an attacker and either way I would want to act with that assumption in mind.

If she was trying to commit spice you’d think it the cut would be lower

dude how CPI do she possibly make herself into the angel? Cut off her other arm with her teeth and hope she doesn’t f***in bleed out fast enough? Lol. How was she planning to affix the wings to herself? Why was she fully clothed and not nude? What about all the makeup?

if she was trying to make herself into the angel, she’s kinda um....let’s say terms of intelligence

masaki says she just didn’t care. I mean...uh...sure...? Lol

i do not think she was the clumsy dude smacking people with pipes man....maybe she was helping that guy, but nah...I mean maybe. They did say that the cloth came from her room

at least we get see more of her cute self. I was a bait dad that they introduced her just for her to die without doing anything

at least now she has a reason for whispering like this. Seriously is anyone going to bring this up?

But seriously guys. She’s adorable. I just wanna hug her probably homicidal ass. I don’t care if I get stabbed. She’s got that typical nerd hairdo and it works with the glasses

holy s*** guys! Wait a f***in minute. The the voice volume menu. I thought it was cool that ten characters introduced themselves on that menu. Some of them had a little more to say but I can’t understand.

But chie just said something about “maezono sensei”

DOES THAT MEAN THAT THESE VOICED CHANGE AS THE STORY GOES ON?! If so. That is insanely f***in cool. Thats amazing! I wonder if there are any clues hidden here.

do the other games have this? If so that’s incredible

Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#15

She says she didn’t kill her but won’t answer if she made the corpse like that

She doesn’t really have a reason to lie. It doesn’t seem like she cares about going to prison considering the maybe suicide

She says she didn’t kill’d think she would gladly admit to that.

Uh oh. We may be getting the crazy now...

Is she lying right now? What seemed to break her was “tenshi” and “Shinzo” hMm...

Maybe the forgeries aren’t forgeries. Maybe Shinzo didn’t paint those pictures but she did, in an imitation of his style. That’s why the “forgeries” can’t be told from the original and maybe that’s why she hates Kara no shoujo and stole the painting....she hates Kara no shoujo because she thinks it’s a ripoff of her own work, and maybe heavenly punishment isn’t an angel...which is why it pissed her off

I Definitely think there are more culprits here

I MIGHT have made some assumptions thinking chie was the killer. It seems my first guess was closer to being true.

or maybe not. I thought it was chie for different reasons back then.... it maybe I was right to suspect her anyway because it’s seeming like it was her that killed sasakura. The timing is great too

We also still don’t know who leaked the incidents and the death. Could they be involved? Maybe it was maezono herself? Someone who knew about the body but not that seems maybe she doesn’t know about the painting. Hmm

She probably left the country by now bruh

I hope they don’t catch her.

Using chie to get at maezono is pretty dirty gotta say

Aaaand I can’t understand what rokushiki is saying here....oh well

Kyoko acknowledging that she got friends-with-benefits-zoned. A lot of ropes are gonna be mad at that since a lot of fans seem to want her and Reiji together really bad

Ah the return of uozomi. Maybe since Kyoko is now friend zoned, uozomi can finally crawl out of the friend zone as well

He did say reliable people were called back. Ha. Nice foreshadowing. I wonder if he’s here just to get killed by makoto

Lol “give back my car”

Stella is a pretty well executed “cloudcuckooland” style character. Her quirks are done just enough that they aren’t annoying and she’s pretty cute

I wonder if chie is at all related to fake!maezono

Yo wait. Of that Virgin Mary is maezono over here don’t that mean that she was holding a baby? Could she...know naoya?

Oh? Do I see some lesbian school girls over here? Lol

Oh it really WAS her doing these clumsy crimes. How did she carry a dead body? Ah whatever.

Maybe the “real” thing was all about the complex about forgeries

Something that surpassed Kara no shoujo...has she seen the “original” Kara no shoujo? Wanted to replicate THAT?





Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#16


How on the name of all that is f*** did this ex murderer who JUST GOT OUT OF PRISON get custody?! What?! What?! What the f***?! SHE WAS RHE PATIENT OF A SERIAL KILLER! She had some kind of personality transformation from him! SHE JUST GOT PUR OF PRSION FOR MURDER!


No. No. This makes no sense. This is insane.

The last daughter she raised wa apart of a cult and killed people! Are you kidding...

So did chie actually manage to escape? Good for her

Listen kayahara. Or maybe I should call you ayako. Or maybe is house call you murderer who’d sliced open a woman’s stomach and choked out your cousin. You don’t get to be acting like a criminal as a “joke” how tf did you get custody of a child?! What the f***?!

Dude Reiji why the f*** aren’t you questing how this psycho killer got a child?! Why is everyone acting like this is okay?! She is a psycho and a murderer. And was part of a death ritual ...the same death ritual that inspired a f***ing serial killer death cult..that she was a part of. She is directly related to the founder of the death cult. WHY DID YOU GIVE HER A MENTALLY ILL CHILD?!

Shut the f*** up “fuyumi” I don’t care about your jokes.

I have no idea what a “park nenjin” is. I can only assume they’re taking about masaki. So wait. This psycho killer is gonna be a single mom too? Great

“Fuyumi” is also being really annoying right now. Well maybe it’s just my bias.

Ya know what “fuyumi”? You really shouldn’t be prumyi into other peoples live life. You realize that’s how you got peope killed right? Of it wasn’t for you trying to steal someone else’s man. You probably wouldn’t have have had to choke a b**** and masaki wouldn’t have ended up all broken...because of you btw. YOU made him kill your own mother. YOU made him suicidal. YOU emotionally broke him. And because of that that the murders last year started. If masaki wasn’t running away because of you, Karen probably wouldn’t have been driven to murder.

So yes. You trying steal someone else’s man resulting in several deaths. Haves some shame b****!

Oh my god I’m starting to hate her lol

“Fuyumi” seems like the type of girl to be like “okay even though I abandoned my mentally ill daughter and she’s a self harming mental patient, I have custody now so....where mah child support at? Please and thank you”

Okay. “Fuyumi” is starting to annoy me now. Why the f*** is she she still talking about uozomi? Come to think of it she want exactly “likable” as “satsuki” either eh

“Fuyuml” I’m f***ing serious. You are the one person whoshould not be joking around about love triangles. PEOPLE DIED. PEOPLE. f***ING. DIED. YOU KILLED SOME OF THEM. b**** you are on thin ice right now. You are right on the verge of being even worse than chizuru

Seriously satsuki. Shut the f*** up right now.

Listen....the person who seems harmless but it dangerous is you....look. You’re really egging on my bad side

Look. His f***ong psychiatrist is right there. Their daughter has an eyepatch from scratching out her own eyes...are we seriously letting these people have a child

At the very least maybe this can be the star of a Looooong conversation these two need to have. About like “hey. So I MURDERED YOUR MOTHER BECAUSE I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD” or “HEY SO YOURE LIKE 90% of the reason I’m a broken suicidal shell of a man....” or “hey so like, you KILLED MY SISTER”

Or how about “so like....basically my entire life has been defined by being in love with you. Can I please put down this torch?”


Listen pal....Satsuki. You are on your last straw. If you keep doing this s*** you are officially worst girl. Do you f***ing hear me??

Oh dear good he actually showed up. Dude. I’m skipping this. This is ridiculous are we really spending time on this

I thought she was finally going to tell masaki but she actually just dragged him into this bulls***. Are you f***ing kidding me right now?

Fuyumi. Last straw. I mean it.
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#17


I’m starting to get worried that they haven’t shown yukari in awhile

Is Masaki’s therapist a villain after all? Trying to talk to makoto and basically...citing like a villain lol

Watanuki kaede. It’s going to be weird if she isn’t more significant than she appears. She gets her own introduction and I think her own theme song

Kyoko calls Reiji over to be like “so like, if you keep obsessing over that dead high school girls you don’t get any more free booty calls. Kay”?

Feverish Stella is giving me feelings

First Reiji is obsessing over one of his flings and current worst girl comes. This day can’t get worse.

Why the hell are you even talking to him?

Didn’t you want him to stop bothering you? Didn’t you want to wash your hands of the whole thing?

Also don’t you care that this grown ass ma is obsessed with your teenage “daughter”? Ah who I kidding? You don’t care

Is she seriously wondering what’s wrong with him? When he’s in the place that she used to hang out at? Really? Why are YOU here? And why do you care? Go awaaaaaaaaayyyy

Dude why are you asking her about her onii Chan? Stop humoring her....

Dude of course she cares about onii Chan more than Touko. Why are you...

What was even the point of that? She never says anything. Keep her out of the game....

Yes. What Karen did was your fault but mostly ayako’s fault.

Wait hold on....masaki has been sitting on that picture of naoya this whole time? Seriously? Come on that’s just bad writing.

We’ve got some down time right now. The focus seems to be on on makoto being transferred. Hopefully this is the trigger for the second half of the game. Dude. Makoto being the final boss after all this time would be crazy

Calling it now. One of the cops escorting makoto will be naoya. Because masaki is an idiot who didn’t hand over the picture until now.....just like I with maezono. This is not good witting here.

Wow. They managed to get yaginuma huh? He’s kinda always been slightly incompetent though did they f*** this up....there seemed to be quite a few things they could do to avoid this.....sigh

Like why weren’t there guards posted along the road and everything?

I wonder if yaginuma had been working within him the whole time? Maybe it has something to Dow it’s his sister. This is way too suspicious

Makoto escaped. Where does he go?

To the museum....Kara no shoujo? Actually isn’t he somehow familiar with Stella?

Hospital seems quite likely. A lot of business there

Is the last place...Touko’s house? To kill chizuru hopefully lol I think hospital but I want I be at Touko’s house

Kaede is really fishy and she’s acting that way intentionally. I mean at this point it’s like whatver

The hospital would be too obvious yeah. The museum is the answer.

Right- makoto isn’t just related. Sisters lover. Was the start of all this.....what happened to her sister....? I might look at it from the first game.

Did he kill her? Hmm well I’ll have to go back and look. I probably don’t want to search it in the internet due to spoilers

Here’s the crazy part. I actually did the Nono and looked it up....and thought I f***ed up and spoiled the game for myself. When makoto ate “yukiko” but that’s how I realize that kayahara yukiko has the same name by coincidence

But yeah....I forgot just how deep this guy goes. I forgot about “rokushiki misa” and that he’s Touko’s father. I forgot that he’s the reason Stella is the way she is. I forgot he’s the reason why misa went missing. I forgot that he’s the reason for all of the first game’s events kinda.

So yeah. He might. E behind this as well

Alright fuyumi is not the child support type in this situation. Noted. It is still weird how the two of them aren’t really discussing any of the history. Masaki has to know that the chick in front of him is the cause of his current mental state right?

Yay. I love repeating the same jokes.

I wonder if satsuki over here is ever gonna acknowledge that she almost forced herself on him and kinda lied to him

Satsuki your jokes....well I can’t fault you for them. Because I make jokes like that as well. But man....all the time satsuki?

“Yukiko agree to undergo psychoanalysis but that won’t eliminate her crimes” b**** are you for real?!"

As i suspected. Yaginuma’s sister being held hostage. That’s why they showed the scene with her earlier

Who is that voice...a nurse? The only nurse I know is koharu so....

Is that they haven’t caught on to yaginuma working with him or they just don’t want to admit it

I wonder if makoto already sent a message and that’s what in the room

A new makoto really back to his old ways? I wonder why now

Man if makoto already killed his sister.... damn. Didn’t even follow his end if the bargain

And hey....since makoto is back, the plot is back to WOMBS now. yay...

Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#18
Wait hold up. Am I suddenly not warned anymore? Am I free?
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#19

Same blood type and has bedsores but we don’t know it if it’s eriko, his sister. We already had a bait and switch with the bodies

There’s a distinct lack of sex scenes so far...don’t tell me they went serious on me

Yay for investigating something other than a body. Room investigations are a bit more fun. Time to invade yaginuma’s privacy

Put a head in the flower pot. We don’t know it was his sister yet, but that’s pretty sick

Who do we think makoto was cooperating with in the hospital....I think it’s koharu from the description but obviously kaede is the most suspicious person on the game, even more so than makoto himself so like she’s the obvious choice but I’ll try out a few and see what is said

Oh he seems to be eating a head. Maybe it really is yaginumas sister

What the f***....chizuru...?

It seems he actually did come to Touko’s house. Hopefully this leads to her being killed

Chizuru is sitting there having a conversation with a serial killer lol

YES! FINALLY! That’s why she was in! My god finally she’s gone and I never have to see her again. She was
Moping until her last breath lol

Oh s*** makoto is still there....

Man this guy is pretty good for a villain. Very dangerous. He raises the stakes as soon as he moved.

Dude. Fumiya. For how much she cared about you her onii Chan are you really going to sit there and do nothing as he eats her? I mean your like 20 and this is an old man with no indication that he’s strong r even knows how to fight. DO SOMETHING

I don’t care about protecting chizuru. But he killed her! DO SOMETHING

DUDE. ARE YOU REALLY LETTING HIM GO?! DUDE?! For real?! You’re just gonna call the police?! He’s calmly walking away!!! No f***ong way man. You’re just LETTING HIM LEAVE?!


This is is one of those moments where the writing is unforgivable. This is stupid. This is ridiculous. I mean really?


This game is taking liberties and a couple of them have been disastrous don’t get to be a good game after something this dumb.

Oh sure. Die together. Let the guy escape. Whatever. f*** both of you. I’ll just count my blessings that the game finally got rid of your dumb asses both of you suck.

I can’t believe you IDIOTS managed to be the worst characters in the game even in death.

OHHHH this was a bad ending!

Okay! There we go! Logic always flies out the window in bad endings. everything makes sense. This is forgivable

Um....WAIT NO! That means chizuru is alive and might survive till the end!


so....I reached my first ending. Now it probably a good time to say what I think of the game so far.
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User Info: WOMANpukumaru

4 weeks ago#20
So far, my big issue is that this fels like the game hasn’t started yet in some ways. There’s this larger plot that seems to be unfolding behind the scenes, but we are only being given hints. It all feels like set up. How it pays off.

That, and the lack of sex scenes and meaningful character interactions. I kinda miss the format of the old games of talking to the characters and expanding the relationships. You used to have control over which route to take, to some extent. The side conversations are even more “side” now.

I really hope the payoff is worth all the build up.

The detective gameplay so far is....hmm. Not an interesting as the first games but there seems to be a decent amount of deduction required in the deduction sections. It can feel a bit too much like a puzzle game though. Just finding the specific key they want RIGHT NOW for the specific hole.

The story itself is less boring than kns2, it less intriguing as well. The mystery behind the angel murders has some enigmatic elements but mostly in terms of where this is going. The mystery behind maezono was fun, but eh. The stuff with rokushiki feels again a bit predictable and the most interesting part is that it seems to be set up for whatever is brewing behind the scenes.

The visuals have improved and the music is nice.

Overall, I’m enjoying this more than I was enjoying kns2 at around the same run time, but there seems to be less going on. One of the reasons that kns2 ended up so boring is because they had to establish so much, because SO MUCH was involved. I hope this goes somewhere good
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!
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