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User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#1
I was just going to post thoughts and questions but I realized that this is basically what it’s transforming into.

I have no idea how many people played this series or how many people know about the third game being out.

But hey. I got it. So why not. Even if no one reads it, it’ll be fun for me. I’ve been hyped for this game for years now.

I’m currently playing though the trial of the game, so yeah. Hype
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User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#2
Thoughts about the series up to this point

Cartagra: played Cartagra after kns1 and....boy have they improved. Cartagra was...interesting but a bit of a mess. Shugo is maybe the worst detective I’ve ever seen, the characters are poorly written, a lot of the events seem random and pushed by Deus ex machina and convenience and it seems like murder porn more than anything. VERY rough. The “mystery”, such as it was, was weird. There wasn’t really anything intriguing, or any zany twists in turns. A lot of it as predictable, and stuff just kinda...happened. It’s a 4/10 decently subpar game with some cool stuff in it. Kns2 basically extracted all the cool ideas from this

Kara no shoujo: Is probably the best game so far. Everything was a lot more polished and coherent. Cool mysteries. Fun characters. Things happened at a good pace. The detective gameplay was fun. The horror was creative. This game is exactly the noire anime sim that you’d want. The biggest issue is that it left some plot threads seems that was intentional for the trilogy.

Kara no shoujo 2: This was rather impressive in a way, looking back.

It was a prequel and sequel to Cartagra that fleshed put the backstory and tied it to current events. Then it had to set up the new characters and mystery for this game. Then it had to set up for the next game. And it had to be a sequel and follow up the events of kns

Very ambitious.

Sadly, it didn’t really do all it that well...

Being a kns sequel seemed to be the last priority as that was only the ending really. Kns2 was more of a sequel AND PREQUEL to Cartagra and that’s probably the best aspect of it.

As a standalone game LARGE parts were EXTREMELY boring my god. The detective gameplay was a downgrade, the mystery itself... the only interesting part of the mystery was determining why the targets were picked. The culprit was extremely predictable and boring. It was resolved really anti climactically. All that build up and backstory for a bunch of stupid petty crimes.

Overall 7/10. It’s an enjoyable game but a downgrade and quite flawed.

So it’s kinda been a mixed bag but mostly good. Enough that I really want to see where this final game goes
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(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#3
Other random thoughts about the series as a whole...

This series is really really obsessed with wombs and giving birth. They REALLY wombs...or hate them? Dunno. I can’t tell if it’s a pervert dude or a chick with some serious body issues writing this. Like 50% of the plot is WOMBS

The mundane slice of life elements also can get excessive with characters talking about literally nothing, and the only supposedly “interesting” things happening are vague sexual tension and anime misunderstandings.

On that note , they seem really obsessed with high school girl friendships with yuri overtones. I guess this is why they focused on the “flowers” series for so long. They spend a LONG time on this.

They are REALLY obsessed with jealous women, incest, and creepy stalkers. Like holy s*** about 50% of the plot IS just those things. Combine that with WOMBS and you have Kara no shoujo. I’m really shocked Reiji hasn’t boinked yukari yet. Maybe everyone is several generations inbred which is why there something wrong with all of them.

This series really loves moles/“beauty marks”. SO many girls have them just in this game alone What’s going on with that?

We now have 3 different harem protagonists hanging out in one game and it’s interesting how they gather up all these girls and a couple of them seem to migrate between them. Though Shugo is out of the picture now. It’s hilarious how Reiji just....”inherits” Hatsune(and then immediately abandons her) I wonder if she will be back
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User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#4
Something that bugged me in kns2...apparently a lot of this started when Masaki’s Mom Murdered one of her Man’s Many Misstresses

But 1. He apparently slept around a lot. Why was she so jealous of this one girl? 2. Apparently SHE cheated too because Masaki is from Naoya’s what was she all bent out of shape about...? That feels like some wires got crossed ruing development.

Also, I wish that the translation between the games was more consistent. I didn’t realize that the “miko” in kns2 was a reference to Cartagra until later. This is actually quite a significant plot point

But anyway. Finally time to talk about the game we’re playing right now

Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#5
Just starting off. Opening seconds and I’m already slightly annoyed rn lol

Can Touko’s “mom” go away already? She’s hot asf and her voice is supersexy? But she literally has no personality other than moping around and wanting to f*** her brother. That has been ALL of her scenes. She has never said anything interesting and they won’t show any more sex scenes so she is is useless now. Please never come back.

The art is beautiful. They really made the artist work their ass off creating new Spurs items for everyone. Finally some of the the old awkward art is gone.

The new song remixes, for the most part aren’t really doing it for me. I really loved KNS soundtrack, the remixes in kns2 were a step down for the most part but pretty decent. These....are okay. I really like the originals better

Does anyone else find it weird how everyone is just accepting that Reiji f***ed and impregnated a high school girl? And is really serious about her?

Why is Reiji THIS obsessed and torn up about Tokyo anyway? That might sound insensitive but look, he knew her for like a couple months, f***ed her maybe twice....

Think about it. You can also f*** a few other girls in the game who he knew for about the same amount of time. Why isn’t he this attachedto poor Tojiko? Ayumu? Hell you can f*** Yukiko...why isn’t he all obsessed with her? Is Touko just “better?”

The guy already had a fiancé and a baby on the way. He’s not inexperienced, she’s not his first love or anything. Why is he THIS obsessed with what, in the grand scheme of things was just “one of his many flings/girls he’s been with?”

Masaki’s therapist. When I saw her in the preview I thought she was the girl. I really wish they did more with her. I’m disappointed. She’s not tho

I can only assume that paintings are going to be really involved in this plot. We have 2 new “painting buddies” and they reintroduced Stella and we’re talking about Shinzo again.

I wonder which of the new characters are murderers. My money is on Masaki’s old friend. Hot chick with the glasses.

Her voice is ridiculously quiet btw. To the point where it seems like an oversight. I can’t even hear her over the music. I had to turn her voice all the way up and I can still barely hear her.

I’m guessing that Chie’s mysterious “teacher” is gonna be more involved

For the most part so far it’s just kinda recapping/following up on the immediate events ohm the last game. Still looking for naoya. Still mourning. Come my to grips with a few revelations. And...that’s pretty much it. Nothing is really happening atm. This IS just the trial. I’m guessing this was made with new players in mind?

So uh...

Um...kayahara is out of prison.....even though she killed 2 people. Um...I guess statute of limitations is different is Japan/back then?

It’s pretty crazy that Reiji actually held his daughter several times without knowing. That’s the kind of s*** kns is good at. The villain is looking you right in the face and you don’t know until it’s too late

Masaki not only meets his baby mama, but also like I think his cousin? Who was pretending to be his sister? Who he thought was killed? That’s gotta be awkward...

Come to think of is also out of prison...after he killed her mother. No seriously. The woman in front of him, his baby mama had her actual blood mother strangled by this man. Because he thought she killed said baby mama....even though it turns out she was alive...and she is technically the person who killed “herself”...who was actually his sister...

“By the way, um, our child is bats*** crazy and scratched out her own eyes and self harms all the time....and we kind of abandoned think....I think we might be the worst parents ever...”

Seriously there is just way too much awkwardness here for them to act like this conversation is at all natural.

No, really seriously he strangled the mother of his baby mama...both of these people should be in prison!

This is the most f***ed up family in existence....I wonder if Kyoko realized she has two murderers who neglected their mentally ill child right in front of them. Holy f***

They’re seriously talking about custody....both of these people are murderers with severe mental issues. One of which ATTEMPTED SUICIDE RECENTLY WHILeIN THE SAME HOSPITAL AS HIS DAUGHTER. And considering the situation with yukiko....Kayahara’s parenting skills are in question. Wasn’t she also part fo a cult? Neither of them should ever get custody....

Are we really not gonna talk about how masaki was visiting the same hospital his daughter was housed at for years
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!
(edited 1 month ago)

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#6
So it seems that whoever is gonna be the killer is being pressured into it but feels she is being betrayed. She also feels like she needs to do it, in order to have a future.

Chie gets a special commendation and says she can move on without regrets...I dunno this sounds very similar to put girl on the dark.

Ah, it seems I was right. Out girl in the dark appears to be chie over here....

rbe daughter of a fallen angel...what did Shinzo turn ANOTHER painting assistant into “art”? Lol

Her being connected to Shinzo makes some sense. They said the angel painting was like she was being punished, and it seems to motor what’s being said about their being no failure allowed.

maybe there is another painter who trained Shinzo that does similar things? Eh?

ab here we go. Graphic violence. I wish I could handle gore better. Without fainting it’s hard to write.

I guess she’s making some “art” herself. That’s probably why she’s good at caricatures

I’m guessing her painting is significant. Mary holding a baby....the baby could represent Reiji’d kid eh? But it probably is gonna come back to WOMBS

These writers are sick man

gun t enough...eating of all thins is helping me through this. keeps saying to make her “real”

ahe appears to be making an angel. Another one inspired by another book? Lol

yup. Of course the painting is significant. I’m tnininint Shinzo was inspired by a guy who did this to another girl and was like “hey that’s a cool idea!” Thus kara no shoujo

hmm. Maybe this girl was a direct student of shinzo. That could also be it. She said “I promised my teacher”

I still think Masaki’s old friend is involved. She was also worked about art supplies.

ir maybe this corpse IS her? I don’t remember the name.

finally time for investigation!

yeah it’s seeming like this IS quiet glasses girl from before. How sad. I wanted more of her.

this corpse a has nice feet.....

...what? It’s made into artistic beauty

Yup. Went back and checked. Maezono. That sucks. She was cute asf

”I feel like I haven’t investigated enough yet”

I kinda wish they would let you fail this.

might I’m not mistaken I think just heard a remix of a Cartagra song,...that’s pretty cool

if masaki isn’t used to having hot chicks around him die by now, I’d be worried about him.

hmm Shinzo painted this before he wa was this a “new project”?

I’m using a machine translator so I didn’t catch any of that final speech during the credits. It sounded like another fairy tale like she’ll of sheol

...and that’s the preview. Boy was that long.

It was mostly an shouldn’t be expected but it had some interesting clues like knowing the identity of the killer...probably. Or one of them.

this game does seem to be about Shinzo so we will probably get backstory for misa here.

im guessing that art contests are going to be important and yukari might be involved

so far they seem to have cut down on the boring conversations. Who knows if we’re going to be getting a everal hour flashback of people in a snow town again, but this pace is good

not being allowed to goal the investigation portion is worrying. I hope that was mostly a preview thing.

The girl on the installation screen...It’s interesting how upfront they’re being about who the killer is
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User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#7
Only now do I realize that this game is actually called “ten no shoujo” girl of heaven. Rather fitting.

Listen wanting to fly is nice. But grafting wings on murdered girl ain’t gonna help

Gotta say. I have really enjoyed the openings of the last few games. That opening was pretty cool

Yeah. The song I’m hearing me is definitely from Cartagra. that one specifically one of my favorites

I really like how they’re bringing those old songs back

I remember she was talking about buying paint thinner. Was this a suicide?

I like how kyouko is just “the bartender” at the moment

Chie’s voice is also quiet. I wonder if these quiet voices are connected. It might not bei a coincidence. Chie sound like she’s literally whispering

Chie’s teacher died. Who did he referring to? Probably not shinzo probably that poor dude who got killed in the bathtub

I gotta say of all these “artistic” corpses these ones really do look beautiful. I honestly forget I’m looking at a corpse at all. Kinda make it more freaky than the gore porn usually seen here

Look. I know they’re corpsesbit skcke they’re artistically nude I would appreciate some nipples

Yeah Rhea corpses re definitely more disturbing. It really gives this eerie otherworldly feel

Apparently whoever did. This was a bit more. Violent and brutal. Maybe it’s a different guy or maybe there was a grudg

I’ve been thinking this but I wonder if Stella has prosopagnosia? The inability to recognize faces? She seems not to recognize Reiji until he speaks and she’s not good as describing people or remembering faces

I gotta say, masaki appears to be just hanging around doing nothing right now. His segments are brief and seem random

I gotta say, I don’t get the point of the takoyaki old he from a different game? Is there a joke I’m missing? Why does he keep showing up....
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#8
Chie is getting REAL annoying with CONSTANTLY talking about trying to set up yukari and masaki. Like it’s really egging on my nerves thst she says this every single time they’re on screen.

Oh man. Did Reiji just let yukari go off with the killer? Lol

or maybe I should say “a killer”

This criminal seems kind of clumsy. He just picks up the first woman he sees walking alone and bashed her with a pipe in the middle of the street. There are so many things that could go wrong with’s a miracle he hasn’t got caught

he messes up the face even thought the intent is to create art....this is interesting. It’s almost Lori he doesn’t take the art part seriously...

Yeha this criminal is really stupid. “I’m lucky no one saw me”

makes me wonder why he’s doing this since he’s so lax about it. Hired?

the location is also arbitrary. XD

i’m kinda loving this new nonchalant serial killer

sybe it really is the old guy form the beginning

Accorodng to the official bio, Ayala is seriously trying to gain custody of her disgusted back....b**** killed 2 people and got out only due to statute of limitations. You were a mental patient who got a new personality “installed” by a f***ing psycho serial killer who has inspired other serial killers. The daughter you abandoned is on a terribly ducked up state partially because you weren’t there. You raised a f***ed up adopted daughter that killed people. You were a part of a murder cult.

NO YOU SHOULD NOT GET CUSTODY WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. oh right. You’re a crazy murderer. That’s probably why.

Ah the first choice. Whether or not to look into this random thing about her spraining to shady guys at Chofu. It’s really weird that we’re being bei rn a choice about this. Makes me think there’s more to it

at the moment we are kinda fumbling on the dark and we don’t know much about the people involved at all, so I say, we follow up on any leads. That may come back to bite me, but hey.

Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#9
I gotta say I really hope we get some Toji sex here. She is bestgirl by FAR and she kinda got shafted in getting shafted. She has ONE sex scene and it leads to a bad ending. You have to reject her and ignore her and basically friend zone her even after she does so much for you.

Toji’s smile is cute. Man I really hope we get some stuff with her she’s great.

but yeah they’re making it seem like this really was an waste of time....hmm

this definitely seems like something that could turn up

The segments with masaki are weird. He really didn’t doing anything. The first game had segments where you went around talking to people randomly and that seems to have been given entirely to ayato over here....they seem kind of out of place and obligatory. He meets ensign characters and they have very VERY brief conversations about nothing. No new insights or anything.

basically so far the investigation on both parts is making zero progress on any front.

Masaki is just completely useless. This is mostly a “hanging out simulator” for him at the moment.

hopefully after he next inciothere is a major breakthrough

why on earth is Reiji entrusting someone who isn’t a detective to do what is the most important job in Reiji’s life?

Also why in the world isn’t masaki being suspected? He is a former murderer, he only RECENTLY got off after being suspected of a different murder, as far as anyone knows he’s just some shady drifter, he’s a mental patient, and he recently came into contact with maezono

are you really telling me the police investigation hasn’t uncovered that masaki used to work with her?

Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!

User Info: WOMANpukumaru

1 month ago#10
Reiji probably won’t suspect masaki(no idea why, it’s not like he knew this guy for a long time and MASAKI HAS KILLED BEFORE)

But yaginuma? Considering his track record? He should be up Masaki’s ass right now. Remember when he arrested masaki and held him over one argument?

actually it’s weird how th priorities are switched. Reiji is uninvolved in the case of his missing child and masaki is involved in the case of his murdered friend...shouldn’t this be switched?

I figured that Kara no shoutout bei protected by glass would be important.

I guess this is the “big break” I was hoping for

hmm. Someone with a grudge against Shinzo? Hmm

apparneyly there was an angry person in front of divine punishment. So....I’m gonna take a guess with this. Whoever inspired the divine punishment painting was heavily involved with someone else who is now obsessed. This guys is pissed that Shinzo did this and also pissed that he did this to misa? Hmm. Okay. No this isn’t very good theory.

I didn’t consider that ten painting being stolen and the glas braking could be two different incidents

A other interesting choice.

is it more lip that they have a grudge against Shinzo or a grudge against the painting itself?

consideing the stolen painting one might consider Shinzo but it might be separate and since the two works are similar anyway, I think it’s more likely that the person has a problem with Kara no shoujo
Because MANpukumaru is ALL WOMAN!
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