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User Info: MasterTurtle

1 month ago#11
Eab1990 posted...
It's no secret that the VN industry has seen better days. Not just translations, but in JP too.

You rarely see VN to anime adaptations anymore either.

Yeah, this is the impression I've gotten. I've heard "this is good" about recent stuff occasionally but never the hype levels of MLA/Baldr Sky/Muramasa/Subahibi/Dies Irae/whatever. Not that those totally lived up to the hype anyways (especially Subahibi).

Rance X was good but that's VN + game (and is the end of the series anyways)
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User Info: darealest47

1 month ago#12
The Danganronpa games that’s it
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User Info: ArmieBuff

1 month ago#13
Doki doki literature club

User Info: TheBest69

1 month ago#14
FawleeRunlan posted...
Are VNs even worth putting the time into?
Serious question.
Yes?! I mean, depends on the vn lol. Back then I watched the Steins;Gate anime and afterwards played the VNs. Loved 'em to death. You obviously have to like the very core of VNs. Aka reading/listening and mostly static images. Unless you play (School) Days series. You can witness trauma in full animation there.

User Info: SilentCaay

1 month ago#15
Just finished 100% completing ALTDEUS in VR, which is about as modern as you can get. It was pretty awesome. It was the first great VN I've played in VR and it really sets the bar. It has 4 branches with 2 endings each and each playthrough adds huge swaths of story and character development to the picture so it gets better and better as you play. It also has chapter select points right before a couple music videos built into the story so there's still a little reason to go back every now and then even after 100% completing it. Music videos in VR are pretty awesome on their own.

There's also Nekopara if you want some cute catgirls stories with optional 18+ content.
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User Info: MechanicalWall

1 month ago#16
House in Fata Morgana has the best written romance in video games and it's not close
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