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User Info: pokedude899

1 month ago#1
Don't worry, folks. This isn't the end. Final Season 2 has been confirmed.

User Info: Zack_Attackv1

1 month ago#2
Second cour, babeh!


User Info: LightningAce11

1 month ago#3
Part 2 starting in winter 2021.

The final chapter will be releasing in 2 weeks, so people keen on finishing and not waiting it should start with chapter 115.

Did anyone think that Pieck was "actually" on Eren's side? Doubt anyone fell for it but Gabi.

Reiner is back to get his ass kicked for the 4th time. Guess he got over his "depression and ptsd" pretty quick, huh? Go back to being a sad sack, it's what you deserve.

Armin genuinely empathizes with Yelena, it sounded like he was laughing, but no, he was crying.
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User Info: Meganium7

1 month ago#4
well that's kind of a motherf***er of a spot to end

User Info: BigG777

1 month ago#5
Of course we get a goddamn cliffhanger end.

Also Zeke still isn’t dead is he? I wanted at least one piece of good news this ep.

Maybe I will just look up the manga already.

User Info: Burst_Stream

1 month ago#6
This wait will be long and painful. And with the manga's final chapter coming out soon it will a hell of a time trying to avoid spoilers. I might just deactivate my social media for a week when the last chapter of the manga comes out lol.

Did anyone else think at first that the random titan that came at Zeke was actually Levi who turned himself into a titan because of critical injuries? That was until the titan f***ing opened up its stomach and put Zeke in that I realized that it was one of the titans he had control over. Still by far my biggest problem with the season is how kind of stupid it was for Levi to rig that lightning spear on Zeke when he really had no reason to. Then it ends up backfiring on him big time. Zeke escapes, Levi is at least incapacitated enough to not interfere with the titan taking Zeke (I doubt either of them are dead.)

And so my theory about the Euthanasia plan was correct in that they didn't mean to kill all of the Eldians currently living, just stop them from reproducing and letting everyone live their lives peacefully. The plan honestly does make a lot of sense since there really is no way for them to get rid of titans as long as an Eldian exists. And as long Eldians can turn into titans, the world will always either fear them or seek to control and exploit them for their own desires. Gabi's ideals of persuading the world by showing them that there are good Eldians really will never work, and it is overly naive.

I liked getting to see Pieck here and Eren just staring down her gun was badass. Though I don't quite like how seemingly easily Eren was lured by Pieck there. Galliard was among the crowd too so the betrayal was obvious to me. With Levi out of commission, the Scouts and Mikasa behind bars, Eren is gonna have a hell of a time trying to fend off 3 shifters coming at him along with Marley's forces. Although I wish Eren will beat the ever living snot out of Galliard again. I'm especially excited to see how exactly he'll utilize the Warhammer powers against them.

Also I wonder if Armin really was moved by Yelena's speech of the Euthanasia plan or this is some sort of 5D chess move from him to somehow get them out of there. It at least felt very unnatural and everyone's reaction to Armin crying supported that. I'm glad Yelena shot that scumbag Marleyan too, I thought they had just suddenly made Yelena and other Marleyans comically evil and racist against Eldia for no reason.
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User Info: sadib100

1 month ago#7
Manga Readers' Topic:
Burst_Stream posted...
I'm glad Yelena shot that scumbag Marleyan too,
Favorite part of the episode.
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User Info: Rigama

1 month ago#8
Cliffhanger? 2022??? God dammit I may finally give in and just read the manga

User Info: ShizumaHanazono

1 month ago#9
Goddammit that cliffhanger. At least we'll start with some kickass action

Winter 2022, so 3 whole ass seasons to go

User Info: DesertPenguin09

1 month ago#10
When did they show Galliard to set up that he was there? I totally missed that
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