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User Info: taosapao

1 month ago#91
cloudrivera posted...
There's no way Marco is going to beat both King and Queen by himself. Who is going to help him?

Wishful thinking, but I hope Chopper helps him out lol. The doctors teaming up would be amazing.

Pero to ally with Marco?
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User Info: Knighted Dragon

Knighted Dragon
1 month ago#92
taosapao posted...
Jack is like non stop jobber already lol. Does Sanji beating him who is more or less half dead going to be satisfying?

No, that's exactly what I was saying last topic too. Both characters have been pretty badly mistreated so there's very little hype now for it. Imagine the hype for Zoro vs King compared to Sanji vs Jack

HatchetandShank posted...
Why do people consider Jack a Jobber?

Because he spends 85% of his screen time on the ground passed out or covered in bandages after waking up from passing out. It's not even just his win / loss record, it's the over all way he's treated and portrayed. He's about like Big Mom where he shows up, talks big, then slips on a banana and flies out a window. Even if he has some cool moments, the ones that stick with you more are the ones where he walks into the room and steps on a rake and smashes the handle into his groin and rolls around crying.

He is supposedly strong, and I was a massive advocate of that after he fought off two admirals, but it's hard to really feel that hype or care about it when he has basically become a meme.

Imagine if Smoker showed up and started fighting X-Drake or something. Pre-war arc that would have been super hype, now days it'd would just be "Boy I wonder how Smoker will get beat up this time"
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User Info: ViewtifulGrave

1 month ago#93
PhazonDaxter posted...
Hard gum web, so clearly this web cannot be destroyed with Fire otherwise Sanji would have broken free by now.
What makes you say this? As far as we can tell Sanji made no attempt to get away.
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User Info: Revelation34

1 month ago#94
PhazonDaxter posted...
- "Wait my Armament Haki wont work if there is a chance I could hurt you" That is a bombshell I feel like will get over looked....but thats super important to me.
Haki is tied to your mental state, your will, so if he thinks using CoA to protect himself might end up hurting a female in the process he subconsciously cannot can't even activate it is huuuuuge. Everyone telling him to get over it and stop whiteknigting but he literally can't. Sora and Reiju were the only ones who were nice to him in his youth and as a result he loves all women....I think this is an awesome reveal.

It just means he's not using it by choice.

TehLizardKing posted...
- Sanji is in a dilemma whether to go help Momonosuke or Kinemon's group

I can't wait for the reaction when he meets Yamato.
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User Info: Null_Gain

1 month ago#95
did Carrot not have su long form? Her being defeated in normal form would make sense though.
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User Info: El Marsh

El Marsh
1 month ago#96
Did Chopper's monster point shrink over the years?
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User Info: Dracoknight2006

1 month ago#97
Carrot can't even beat the candy lord. What a worthless jobber, like Jack, Smoker, and Sanji.

Marco is still the best though
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User Info: DippinSauce

1 month ago#98
It's Carrot's own fault for picking the fight when it was that idiot Pedro who blew himself up!

User Info: SirNovacaine

1 month ago#99
Thank god carrot lost to perospero

User Info: ViewtifulGrave

1 month ago#100
How exactly was Perospero supposed to kill Marco?
You enjoy teaching high schoolers, and I'll enjoy creating my crappy manga. Let's see where we both are in a year. TheDoorMouse
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