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The only ones I have watched so far are:
Hyperdimension Neptunia
God Eater
Tales of Zestiria
Shining Tears X Wind
(I know have seen more but I can't remember them all right now)
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User Info: PhilOnDez

3 days ago#2
Persona 4 The Animation is pretty good
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User Info: tonicpalin

3 days ago#3
why? they're usually boring.
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There was one some time ago called Night Wizard. It was so-so. The music was probably the best part.
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User Info: CreekCo

3 days ago#5
Dragon Knight lol

User Info: Deadinsideman

3 days ago#6
I remember the adaptation for tales of abyss being about as fun as the game itself

User Info: Lightwarrior11

3 days ago#7
I thought Legend of Himiko was pretty good (~8/10). I mostly liked it because it had a PS1 JRPG we never got in English, though I guess the game was based on the anime and not vice versa (it looks like they were made simultaneously):

I thought Dragon Quest: Emblem of Roto was awesome, though. I gave that a 10/10 myself:

There's more Dragon Quest -based anime, but I haven't seen it yet:***o (upcoming!)
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User Info: Nanami

3 days ago#8
There was one also by Sega a couple of years ago after Shining Tears X Wind. I cannot remember the name of it.

User Info: TboiGreezy

3 days ago#9
PhilOnDez posted...
Persona 4 The Animation is pretty good


User Info: Crimsonmon

3 days ago#10
Arc the Lad
In a good way.
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