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User Info: Arak

2 days ago#1
I think it is. Anime isnt realistic in general, but if its going to be that way, at least make it interesting. Ive literally never seen a good harem.

Theres a new anime out right now actually. I cant remember the name because it was all in japanese.. but its about some dude named Joro who gets a bunch of girls to like him.. HOWEVER it didnt initially have the harem tag on it which is why i watched it this far. It might have it now but i was vastly disappointed in how it was actually a harem.
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User Info: Matelite

2 days ago#2
Eh, just kinda depends on the mood you're in. If done right, it can be really humorous and chill.
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Nah, Mecha and Idol genre exist
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User Info: reptyle101

2 days ago#4
worst genre is probably idol or mecha yeah

if you're into harem shows a decent portion of them are at least passably enjoyable, but even fans of mecha and idol shows hate most of the genre
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User Info: Crimsonmon

2 days ago#5
No, highschool baseball
In a good way.

User Info: Dragonage2ftw

2 days ago#6
Quintessetnial Quintuplets is f***ing amazing.

So, no.
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User Info: snesmaster40

2 days ago#7
I like mecha, and I like idol and harem stuff. I like everything. :(
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User Info: Edgeknight

2 days ago#8
After episode 3 or so the author clearly outed himself as a hack who abandoned a somewhat novel twist premise to just make a slightly-snarkier-than-normal harem show.
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User Info: RenegadeT3S

2 days ago#9
Dragonage2ftw posted...
Quintessetnial Quintuplets is f***ing amazing.

So, no.

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I would argue Harem is more premise/setting than genre.
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