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User Info: XxNathan13Xx

1 week ago#21
Yeah, I checked after posting and she does have a sizable bust in all but the date skin. Only seen a handful of doujins that've drawn her with the correct proportions. We still get plenty of Laffey doujins doe, and even Mutsuki and Kisaragi get some they just don't get translated. I'm more disappointed that we don't have loli Cleveland, Akagi, etc. doujins or that loli Enty isn't a thing in-game yet.

User Info: Pyrodeyx_293

1 week ago#22
That's tons of fanservice for 1 episode. Much more than the beach one that's for sure.
I'm surprised that people enjoy this one. I was expecting more complaints from this than the last episode.

Storywise, we saw:
  • Enty getting some character development. She is starting to understand the meaning of being a human.
  • Starter ships wanting to help Ayanami.
  • Akagi's motives.
I really want to know why Enty became that way in the first place. It definitely seems like a trauma of Yorktown getting crippled but I would like to see how it all went down. Hopefully these next episodes will show that. The starter ships' story is weird imo. I guess they're a bit naive and want to be friends with everyone.

I would like to see how the next episodes fare too. Except for the upcoming one which is apparently a recap done by Mikasa.
"Man, what a bunch of jokers."
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User Info: MasterTurtle

1 week ago#23

fanservice episodes are better if you decide how big a character's boobs are supposed to be and stick with that
Can I interest you in a...side mission?
With Unicorn, you normally don’t often notice her actual bust size because most of the time she’s holding U-chan directly in front of her chest. This episode though, U-chan went mysteriously missing... was probably kidnapped by the department in charge of blu-ray sales. ^_~
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User Info: NeoBasilisk

1 week ago#25
I've never seen so much magical steam/light in a single episode

User Info: pokedude900

4 days ago#26
Apparently episode 7 is going to be delayed by 1 week.
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